The campaign of Halo 5 will receive a patch

To balance its difficulty and introduce various improvements.
The campaign Halo 5: Guardians will receive an update with 343 Industries hopes to improve the balance of the difficulty of history game.
“After several months to process the opinions of players, analyzes, videos and internal reviews, we worked on an update to improve the balance of the campaign Halo 5 with the aim of improving the parts of the game that have pissed off players or inconvenienced enough to want to improve them without needing other opinions, “said Chris Proctor, designer at 343 Industries.
These changes include increasing the general difficulty in single player mode but on the other hand, reduce the challenge cooperative mode . In both cases it is “slight adjustments” in the difficulty . This will, for example, Warden attacks are a little easier to avoid, especially in the lower levels of difficulty. It also modifies and softens the effect of the gravitational pump and affordable range of melee attacks is reduced.
This will include some specific changes in the behavior of some enemies in particular. the specific changes also affect Warzone mode, because the artificial intelligence of the enemies is shared throughout the game through its different modes
with that hope to solve the following:. get the single player mode and cooperative mode have a closer difficulty waiting , improve and balance the difficulty of encounters enemies (consider the Covenant were generally easier than the Forerunner) match the difficulty of the segments in vehicles and improve the action of the characters controlled by artificial intelligence.
You can see our video of the gameplay of the game’s campaign in. its original form, under these lines
The campaign of Halo 5 will receive a patch
The campaign of Halo 5 will receive a patch

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