The charms of a series called Mr. Selfridge

The charms of a series called Mr. Selfridge

The British series Mr. Selfridge tells the story of this real-life magnate who revolutionized shopping, products and department stores early last century. Here are some aspects that have made me a fan of it.

British series Mr. Selfridge is the kind of thing I met by luck, without upon recommendation without an exciting review somewhere, just the fact of being at the right time surfing on a lazy afternoon and both “see that such” and suddenly was already filled in London early last century, accompanying a histrionic character as flamboyant as called Harry Gordon Selfridge .

The number of Mr. Selfridge began airing in 2013 and remains in force with a third season is almost over. Indeed quarter for January next year is expected. It’s the kind of series that the audience moves with low but firm profile and maintained. We can say that the series is based on a novel of the same name of the author Lindy Woodhead. The US magnate creator of the prestigious shops href=”” Selfridges , famous in the UK, the actor interprets Jeremy Piven .

Series era, true story


Of course, with all his fictionalized attachments, Mr. Selfridge, has a actual historical basis . It is this element was catching me chapters, I saw cascading series. For starters had no reference of elegant shops as staying in beautiful buildings made for this purpose are the stores Selfridges , so I was a surprise as well know of Mr. Selfridge real life that managed to be a Business Man innovative, visionary and who amassed tremendous success with its department stores, in turn, influence the way in which exist today, a century later that the entrepreneur family moved yet and the Old World which is just where the series started.

Over the chapters saw parading different personalities and that made me very curious, do you really true Mr. Selfridge was invited to Anna Pavlova to their stores, had also gone Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, King Edward VII, Ernest Shackleton , among others? The answer to all this I was very surprised and it was enough to investigate a little more about this outstanding magnate of the last century. We know that many times series, at the same time entertain us, are perfect opportunity to learn the fine threads history.

Marketing, window dressing and much drama


It all starts with a character who is not afraid to speak publicly, speaks with deep and loud while moving hands with great fanfare. Luce a perfectly shaved beard, a nice hat and all those attachments of a distant time and which often resorted to recognize the beginnings of these new times we live in.

Slowly we see how his ideas most innovative at the time are present in our time, for example: create specialized departments, go to department stores and find the area of ​​perfumery first span, and that the windows were an emotional bond, aesthetic, seasonal had ” own life “also fantastic sales Sale . This is attributed to Mr. Selfridge, and see how it builds as they pass the chapters and the natural resistance to change strategies such strong conservative era and time as the early nineteenth century.

 Mr. Selfridge, Left. and Jeremy Piven (right) actor who plays

Mr. Selfridge, Left. And Jeremy Piven (right) actor who plays

The family of Mr. Selfridge and some employees of his tent axis of the series become. The social aspects of the era, fun, family structures, the technology , who loved Mr. Selfridge real life, many classes of marketing and much, much drama you will see the emporium wrapping as Selfridges overcome every problem that you will arise; fruit of his personal life, social movements and historical events that occurred during that century. The second season, for example, is located at 1914 just at the beginning of the World War . The third during 1918-1919 noted for post war environment and what this meant for the world.

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March 26, 2015

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