The classic photographers you should know

Classic photographers you should know

In addition to cultivating certain skills and knowledge to capture good snapshots must also display other works, especially the classic photographers.

Although they have knowledge about control light or composition is very important, we must also cultivate our skills in other ways. Precisely, see works, and especially the classic photographers, will be a good measure for it

Although in Hypertext we are conducting a series of articles about those writers engaged on fotografía street, the intention of this post is not so much to go into depth on the life and works of these photographers, but to point out a number of characters, from my point of view, are great references in the world of image .

Not that the classic photographers not included in this list should have less recognition, or that their work was less important in this field. But given the number of them, it is almost impossible to make a selection that is not marked by personal preferences.

Ansel Adams

It is difficult to add anything to what many experts in the field have been studied in depth. Ansel Adams is one of the best examples of what the photograph, especially in landscape .

We must emphasize their special care white and black which optimize tried to use the widest range of possible tones. In fact, the author even came to invent the zone system , a way of exposing and processing which yielded a great dynamic range in the final snapshots.

Henri Cartier-Bresson


The French is another great reference history of photography. Most of his works, like those of Ansel Adams, are concentrated in the first half of the 90. However the style of Cartier-Bresson will differ greatly from previous author.

Cartier-Bresson argued for image-based the decisive moment . That is, to what the author was attached importance to those ephemeral and difficult to repeat now, that’s where resided the true value of the catch. Furthermore, with the author will discuss in the next point, in 1947 created one of the most recognized photo agencies history, Magnum Photos .

Robert Capa

Robert died militia layer

A layer can be defined as the Reporter graphic war par excellence. But perhaps his most famous pictures are those of Normandy landings , where photographer accompanied the soldiers in a hail of bullets, also captured many important moments in history.

In the Spanish Civil War also made an appearance, immortalizing snapshots like a republican guerrilla at the precise moment he was hit by a bullet.

Robert Frank

Robert Frank the americans

Robert Frank tried to show another view of the world around him, namely the American Society . In their series The americans the author traveled to US portraying citizens, but in a different way, documenting life in a critical way and, in many cases, metaphorical.

In fact, there were many American magazines that refused to publish the author’s work considering it offensive to their homeland. Photographer declared so sympathetic than in the 50s was named as Beat Generation , where American writers stood against the typical American values.

Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton

The classic photographers reviewed so far conceived art as street. However, the scope of fashion will also be enhanced by acclaimed authors. Helmut Newton is one of them, which was based on elements like glamor and sensuality to give your photos an eroticism that, in the context of the time, it would be groundbreaking.

Its unique techniques prompted participate in magazines like Vogue or Elle , and led him to work where excellence has been recognized as capital of haute couture. Paris

Robert Doisneau

Robert doisneau kiss

probably “The Kiss” is one of the most famous catch, not only of Robert Doisneau, but of the history of photography. But the work of French encompasses much more than the mere instant.

As with Robert Frank American, Doisneau feel the need to capture the shape of Parisian life. However, the work of French is not so marked by realistic dyes US, but will try to show the city of Paris under a romantic standpoint , and sometimes, idyllic.

David Hamilton

 David Hamilton

The model imposed by Helmut Newton in fashion fall after the arrival of David Hamilton. Although this new photographer did not show the models of such fetishistic way, yes he intended to use some lights and colors that would help boost the sensuality capture.

His way of even finished shooting imposing a style, defined as Hamiltonian . He served as reference for many of the professionals who even today are dedicated to the fashion industry

Man Ray

 Man ray solarization

We should not forget another field of photography, who attempts to send a message transcendental and experimental consequence of various Surrealist art movements emerged to early nineties (as Dadaism).

Man Ray used the photograph (and other means) to express various experimental and abstract works. Such as string “ rayograms” , where the author ignored the camera and only used photosensitive paper to create pictures.

Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus, twin

The US noted for his ability to capture portraits of people considered marginalized social . Therefore, the beauty will not be searched by photographer element based rather on the grotesque.

prostitutes, transvestites, giants or albinos are some of the subjects Diane Arbus placed in front of your target intended to show the monstrous as normal.

Dorothea Lange

 Dorothea Lange

Dorothea, despite having a great recognition as a photographer, his merits are also from his work as a journalist. The best-known work was the American “The Great Depression” , which portrayed the poverty of some harvesters California.

She was particularly interested in documenting rural poverty and humanity who can get people even in the most difficult moments. An example of social and committed photograph in other sometimes scarce.


The classic photographers you should know
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April 10, 2015

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