The contribution of biometric security variables in Cashiers

The contribution of biometric variables in the security cashiers

the use of biometric fingerprint variables as security has changed in smartphones, but also in banking. We review some methods already used and others that can be implemented at ATMs in the coming years.

Considered for years the safest to protect data from all methods, PIN numbers and passwords are living a great decline since its relevance will be relegated to second uses by other authentication factors. And if the first place where we experienced this trend has been on smartphones, the next will be as or more important. The banking sector, for example, is one of the most open to improve safety and ease of customer access at ATMs using biometric variables. But what options exist and how they contribute?

1. thumbprint

cashier footprint

on your smartphone, banking applications were the first to implement biometric security through the use of systems such as Touch ID, Apple. In addition to offering improved safety due to the requirement of our physical presence to unlock, unlocking fingerprint it has provided the most convenient and comfortable to enter data that require highly secure solution. ATM is also already applied this technology. The customer inserts his debit / credit, and instead of having to enter a PIN, just place the mark previously recorded on a reader , and ready, and can operate safely.

2. Network veins of the hand


Thanks to an infrared light sensor, the system PalmSecure is capable of analyze the pattern, the shape and structure of the veins in our power to identify . Already it applied in many cashiers and security lies in the density and resolution of existing information, even off the mark. The process of mapping the network of veins is also very comfortable, it is sufficient to leave his hand on the reader for the record, against the need to lift your finger a few times and longer in fingerprint recognition.

3. Face or iris

 facial rconocimiento

the face can also improve the security of ATMs. The old systems were a picture of low resolution face and trick could be easy, to the point that identification failed depending on whether the original decision the subject had a beard or glasses and then not. In current systems, is captured a 3D map of the face with an accuracy level much higher , without saving the image, and the software processed by an algorithm.

Going there, we found a very similar system in different ways but in the background, the reconocimiento iris. Because it does not change from two years of life, a picture of our iris will forever. Using a camera with infrared LED light can easily see if decision coincides exactly with the stored data.

4. heartbeat

 ECG Electrocardiogram

ECG Electrocardiogram

Each person has a completely different from the rest, even the twins heart rate, so, as all the above examples, can also be used as a biometric variable for advanced security systems. It may seem the same solution as the network of veins of the hand, but what counts here is the pulse and other factors are also measured as heart size . Get to the cashier and be able to extract only money quickly measure your heart rate is bring security and convenience to the end.


The contribution of biometric security variables in Cashiers
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May 4, 2016

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