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We’ve said it dozens of times, Android is customization. We have many options to change the design of our device, either by a simple launcher applying a layer of personalization, with a new ROM, using modules or just Xposed using small accessories as found in Google Apps Play.

Thus, although the aesthetics of stock Android is great, we can transform it to look like another system as iOS or Windows Phone, but it is not necessary to reach that point. Maybe we just like a function of these OS’s, like iOS7 Control Center , and now with the free app iControl can have it on your Android.

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A panel access and quick adjustments at any lugas

iControl mimics the Control Center placing a sliding panel with shortcuts to different settings, applications and tools customizable. As in iOS just swipe make up from the bottom of the screen to open the control panel, but with this app you can adjust the location and activation zone.

So if you do not like to be opened from the bottom, you can also choose a side and place where the activation zone will be more comfortable. Similarly, the indicator can hide or personalize it with an icon. Among the hits found in iControl include the typical toggles WiFi, data, sound profiles or flashlight.

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iControl, customizable Control Center in Android

In addition sliding laterally We Can s add new quick settings . It also has brightness control, sound control player music (compatible with third-party apps), and access to Clock, Calculator, Camera, Settings and more. What’s more, you can even post monitor spending data, stock indices or other developments Bitcoin .

iControl, but mimics a function of iOS and many enjoyed from the notification area, also provides a large number of new features and settings, but one need a little more flow and style Holo is made. It’s free and support from Android 4.0.

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The Control Center on your iOS Android App with iControl
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April 12, 2014

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