The Crazy Kid German: the truth behind the meme

we All remember this viral video today and it’s time you know the truth: was not real, just a parody of how we wanted to see.

One of the essences of the beginnings of Youtube that many still remember with affection, were the viral videos. But not as of now, about animals, falls, or rather more short and with a quality overwhelming. Those that were still recorded with video cameras or webcams from the early 2000 have a special essence able to remain attentive to something for more than 4 consecutive minutes. One of the most well-known of the era is the protagonist of this article.

Sure that a few years ago, the first thing you typed when you enter on Youtube to get your daily dose of laughter, were words like: “German child” loco”, “crazy kid German” . In him we could see as a child of about 14 years of age in full pubescence, breaking out all his wrath on his computer. What is really funny one of the biggest memes and viral Youtube were the subtitles and versions that were on Youtube Spain. Form the imaginary part of the memes, for criticising footballers of Real Madrid, when you query your notes, or playing Unreal Tornament. The options were various, and had German child crazy for all tastes.

however very few people know the true story of Leopold, the teenager starred in this viral video. To do this we must understand before the context of this whole story.

Boy crazy German 3

was Not real, but a parody

The 20 of November of 2006, a young German called Sebastian Bosse, stormed armed at his own school in Emsdetten, Germany, injuring four classmates and then commit suicide. It was a story that shocked the German public opinion, and to all the media. it Was known that the young man was an accomplished player of World of Warcraft, who had spent hours over the last few months invested in this game. You can already guess where this is going. Effectively, the press and the opinion published criticized and blamed in large measure to the video games for the shooting.

The reality is that the young man, named ResistantX, his nickname in the game, he had recorded several videos accusing their peers of committing bullying and constant harassment against him. Something that is ignored. But do not worry, Sebastian is not the protagonist of the video. The story of Leopold arrives now. You can imagine the discussions that were started in the television, in the media, the newspapers… Discussions in which the common solution for many, it was quite obvious: banning video games of violent content. It was then when in a display of trying to put the finger on the sore spot, the program Journalists belonging to the television network of FocusTV, a video surfaced. In this alarming video we could see our great friend Leopold at the edge of hysteria by a pissed off monumental during a game.

Boy crazy German now

According to the source, and the program, it was a boy days before being admitted to a mental clinical of Amsterdam by their parents. The video allegedly had been taken by the father, concerned, and desperate for the behavior of your child. Although this was the intention of the video: to create awareness against video games, what is certain is that they left the shot in the butt, since the Internet became a meme.

Also Leopold, is not suffering from any psychiatric disorder or psychopathy, but that he himself came to ensure that that was his sense of humor, one that not everyone shares or understands. Although it was already known with their videos on (the equivalent websites Spanish as The Landing or Hulu), in which she played a character, Der Echte Gangster ” (The Real Gangsta / The Real Gangsta) booming rap music and urban tribes chords to this trend.

it Was to show something unreal: we constructed a fictional story with the intent to discredit video games when in reality the video was a kid who loved video games. And with a sense of humor bordering the paranoid, but quite effective. In fact the own Leopold, also German, though not from the same region, mocked in this video on the concept of player-crazed environment that was selling in Germany after the shooting. It was our own FocusTv who turned the young man to request permission to broadcast your video, and added the history of clinical mental. What of truth we ignore is today if the young woman knew that that video would become viral, given that those who would see and understand the message we would be the players.

The mockery, the laughter was always there, and the versatility of the video, and widespread ignorance of the German language, made subtitularlo acquire a thousand and one possibilities. Not only in Spain but around the world. He went on to be known as Angry German Kid. All of a legend. In fact it has a Youtube channel in which he reacts to his own video. The boy has grown.

If you want to dismantle more myths, truths after memes mythical video games or viral videos you only have to ask for it in comments, and we look forward to having my day with this old hero of the golden age of Youtube.

The Crazy Kid German: the truth behind the meme

The Crazy Kid German: the truth behind the meme

The Crazy Kid German: the truth behind the meme

The Crazy Kid German: the truth behind the meme

The Crazy Kid German: the truth behind the meme
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