The creators of Outer Wilds believe that the subscriptions will bring more originality

Mobius Digital is of the opinion that, thanks to the streaming and play on demand, creators will have greater freedom to experiment with the video games and the public will be more open.

Outer Wilds, one of the games most original of recent years, and nominated for the prestigious GDC Awards, has captured all the eyes. This original game of space exploration, of independent court, developed by Mobius Digital, was born, in part, thanks to the boom platforms subscription and the new digital stores existing in the video game world. Loan Verneau, one of the creative directors of the studio responsible for this indie, has talked with on the success of the title and of the importance of these services in its creation.

About the game on-demand, subscription, and the future of the industry

“we’re in the Game Pass for Xbox, and it has been really amazing because I think that attracted many players to the game who otherwise wouldn’t have enjoyed,”, explained Vernau to the said medium. “So I think that has been a great change. In the same way that has changed the world of television and cinema, the subscription system is also going to significantly impact in the game industry. we’re starting to see the first results, and I think that soon we will see how to the market is receptive to things more strange and more projects original, as before, with the method of traditional distribution, it would have been too risky,” he added.

In fact, Verneau believes that the subscription system offers added value and attracts the attention of the players, because they allow the possibility of testing games and genres that otherwise wouldn’t acapararían your attention. At the same time he thinks that, due to the monopolization of the industry at various levels, gaming platforms on-demand offer freedom of choice to many users, something that appreciated.

The creators of Outer Wilds believe that thanks to the systems of subscription, the developers will imperil to do different things

“My personal opinion is that for any industry, it is all a matter of monopolies,”, explains Verneau. “And our industry is full of monopolies on many levels, from tools to platforms. And I’ve learned enough about aspects of economics to know what that means and think that it is something really problematic both for the players and for the developers of games”, he argues. “While we manage to break up these monopolies and get competition at all levels, I think we’ll be fine. Can we or not get there? Monopolies are very good for making people think that everything is going well and that they like it, because as well as handle such monopolies have all the money to turn in on the marketing and create your own reality. That is my personal concern. as long As we have competition between platforms, publishers and distributors, game developers will be able to come clearly to our audience“, confirms it.

Outer Wilds is available on PS4, PC and Xbox One. You have to our analysis, here.

The creators of Outer Wilds believe that the subscriptions will bring more originality

The creators of Outer Wilds believe that the subscriptions will bring more originality
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