The crisis in the Spanish mobile

crisis in the Spanish mobile telephony The mobile crisis Spanish

There is no doubt that the crisis we are living for some years, is passing a bill dearly major operators Spanish mobile phone , And according to co-publish Xataca Mobile, last year in Spain lost nearly 2.5 million lines mobile .

One of the reasons This catastrophic data has much to do with the international crisis which we live, but as you advance it, is nowhere near the main cause of such bleeding in the sector.


Oddly enough, the main reason for the disastrous data, the decision is back in the month of March in the year 2012 Movistar decided to stop giving away mobile terminals right and left, because, according to them was no longer profitable to subsidize terminals in exchange for attracting new customers.

A decision was quickly joined by all companies in the sector, which caused many users of these companies will void your phone lines that had acquired just to get a better terminal through portability .

crisis in the Spanish mobile telephony 1 The crisis in the Spanish mobile

I personally have come across many cases where users are enlisted, for example in companies Low Cost Pepephone type or More Mobile that not even charge a minimal fee, and then after three or four months to get a portability to stay 18 to 24 months to get the Smartphone desired, that if, regardless of the tremendous dunks that companies they put them on the data rate tied to the brand new terminal.

Now, it seems that things are changing and users are more concerned with looking and remirar contracted rate to try to save a few euros at the end of the month, but I fear that if it continues to fall, the major companies in the sector to become to raise what “Smartphones for customers” .

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Source – Xataca Mobile

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The crisis in the Spanish mobile
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February 12, 2013

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