The customers of Movistar Fusion+ will be able to include the series in time for football in the family package

  • customers of Fusion+ may now choose between two modes: one which includes the football for defect or supply that replaces the games in the series.
  • This package change, at the request of the client, does not lead to price rise in the fee: 90 euros/month for users of 300 Mb and 75 for the 50 Mb.

The customers of Movistar Fusion+ will be able to include the series in time for football in the family package

The package Fusion+ of Movistar happens to haveas of this April 5 two modalities, so that customers do not consume all the football matches, included by default in the family pack, you can replace them with series.

According to has been able to know,the first modality refers to the current Fusion+, which includes channels of football (8 games of League per day, Copa del Rey, Champions league and Europa League) unless the great match. The second, which happens to be called Fusion+ Leisure, it will replace the offer football for Movistar Series and Movistar Series Extra. Yes, upon request of the user to make the change of package.

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The two, however, will keep prices of its current rate: 90 euros/month for the customers who have hired 300 Mg and 75 euros/month for the reduced rate of 50 Mb. For new customers, Fusion+ Leisure will have a price, during the first six months of hire, 60 euros in the case of ADSL and 72 euros for those who have 300 Mb Fiber. Later will cost 75 euro or 90, respectively.

the announcement of the new mode occurs ten days after the second price increase that takes place Movistar, which last march 18, there was an increase of 5 euros on the bills of Merger+ change of more GB in their franchises to mobile data.

What is included in Fusion+ and Fusion+ Leisure?

The two modalities share the same rate of fixed, mobile and internet. The only difference happens to be seen on television. The breakdown of the package would be as follows:

  • Fixed and Internet: Fiber symmetric-300 Mb (90 euros/month) or 50 Mb (75 euros/month), calls to fixed lines unlimited, 550 minutes to mobile and fee line included.
  • Mobile:two mobile lines, one of them with unlimited calls and 8gb of data, and another with 200 Mb, calls at 0 cents and 25 cents of property calls.
  • Tv: all the channels of the family package (8,000 titles of series, movies, documentaries,…) by default, plus:

    – Fusion+will be including 8 League matches by day and the Copa del Rey. Only users of the 300-Mb (90 euros/month) will enjoy encounters of the Champions league and the Europa League. If you want to hire an additional package, as the series, will have a cost, in this particular case, seven euros a month more, as up to now.

    – Fusion+ Leisure will be issued all of the series of channels of Movistar Series and Movistar Series Extra. The package of football may not be hired as a complement, since this mode is intended for customers who don’t consume the parties which are included in the family plan. The catalogue of Movistar Series and Movistar Series Extra account with fictions americans of Showtime, HBO, Netflix, Fox, or Amazon, for example Catastrophe, Vikings, The Good Fight, Riverdale, Girls, Game of thrones, The Walking Dead, Twin Peaks, The Legacy, The Catch, American Crime, Billions… new episodes of House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black, despite being produced by Netflix, are issued in Movistar+, the entity that owns the rights of issuance and distribution in Spain.

The mobile or the tablet as a remote control

The application of Movistar+, on the other hand, will be renamed Movistar+ 360 and will allow monitor tvfrom your tablet or mobile phone. In particular,work as a remote control through which the users can select the content from the devices to enjoy them on the television.

With this new feature, you can pause the playback, rewind the content, advancing it, burn it, turn up the volume, making zapped, save content in your favorites, start to watch a movie from your mobile, or navigate all the options. In addition, it will allow the downloading of the content in the smartphone or a tablet to enjoy them without need of internet connection.


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