The dark mode of Facebook begins to appear in the Android app

The dark mode of Facebook begins to appear in the Android app

Lately is news of the dark mode in the applications, we note that this type of interface is becoming the majority. In the end, it is very useful for users to have more options in the look is as key as the interface, not in vain we will perceive better the application if this fits to our taste. WhatsApp finally understood, for example: just yesterday he began to activate the option of the dark mode. And Facebook has nearly completed his vision of the interface is obscured.

this is Not the first news we have about the dark mode in the application of Facebook as the company confirmed a long time ago that they were developing it. We also saw a stroke in the app platform, within the area of the video: this took the dark backgrounds, despite the fact that the rest of the application were clear. And now this ‘blend’ of tones is transferred to the rest of the app of Facebook.

We have tested in our Android application that Facebook has very advanced dark mode. However, the results obtained today are not exactly the best, as you will see in the photos.

neither dark Nor clear: in stockings

Dark Mode Facebook 1

We found the trail of the dark mode in our application of Facebook installed in a Samsung Galaxy A40. After trying to force that mode in the end appeared by itself, and almost suddenly; alternating components of the application in dark grey with the rest of the interface in white. It looks quite strange, also very curious.

The application maintains the header in white obscuring the funds of the updates, at least in regard to the wall of news. Also appears dark gray in the other sections of the app, such as the recommendations of friends or the personal area. Even you can see remains dark in the settings of Facebook: when you activate either of the submenus the name of these remains with the dark background. The feeling is that of being before a ‘frankenapp’.

The dark mode is introduced in the application of Facebook for Android, but still it is not uniform in all sections of the app

To turn on dark mode in Facebook for Android we have only had to activate this mode in the Android settings: One UI has a dark mode native. In addition, the version of Facebook installed is the latest beta. And there is one more secret: once you have activated dark mode at the system level the application mutates after a while; without that this do happen to all users, Facebook is testing with a select group of them.

Dark Mode Facebook

it is Still early to see a Facebook completely dark, but there is no doubt that the current state of the application advances its future aspect. Will have to continue waiting for the development process concludes in a satisfactory manner.

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The dark mode of Facebook begins to appear in the Android app
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January 23, 2020

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