The debate in Mexico about the medicinal use of marijuana

The debate in Mexico about the medicinal use Marijuana

The debate about legislating the medicinal use of marijuana in Mexico is open due to the case of Graciela Elizalde and requiring parents to the authorities to allow import she based medicine.

The case of Graciela Elizalde in Mexico has become a reference in the intricate debate on the regulation of medicinal and therapeutic use of marijuana in the country. The campaign started their parents ( #PorGrace ) drew the attention of society, opened the door to opinions, debates, but also attracted the attention of the authorities and under the legal process initiated by them, have become a landmark case when a District Judge first authorized in Mexico to import medical cannabis for the treatment of small 8-year-old patient with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, a variant of severe childhood epilepsy difficult to manage.

However, the judge’s decision comes after a long process for parents of Grace, because this comes after the refusal of the General Health Council allow them to import the drug derived from the Cannabis sativa and under which they set. The judge in turn decided to grant an injunction to that as this controversy is resolved to import, possess and supply cannabidiol his daughter under certain conditions and medical support. Even with this, the Ministerio Federal public challenged the resolution. To this is added that several institutions to parents Grace and lawyers in the case have yet to submit documents necessary for importation of the drug.



tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) , also known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is the active component of cannabis. It was first isolated in 1964 by Raphael Mechoulam and Yechiel Gaoni the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel. In fact, Mechoulam is recognized for pioneering scientist in the scientific study of marijuana . Not only that, his research has made important contributions to the study of the effects of cannabis components in the human body and their medicinal uses. The discovery of the anandamides and its role in the system was also conducted in their laboratories endocannabinoid . In the interesting and eloquent documentary The Scientist ‘work shown Mechoulam and more than ever he becomes a reference to scientific studies of cannabis, as well as the treatment of diseases with its components.

Charlotte’s Web contains a high percentage of CBD and little THC

Meanwhile, the Cannabidiol (CBD) is another non-psychoactive cannabinoid considered. In some strains of cannabis found in higher percentage and is the substance in which the drugs that Grace’s parents seek matter is based, have been identified at least three of them: Epidiolex, R-4 and Charlotte’s Web , the latter named after the well-known case of Charlotte Figi , a girl from Colorado, United States, which also set a precedent in that country to be a little patient, just five years, which was administered CBD as an oil ingested for Dravet syndrome treatment suffering. Producers are brothers Stanley , plant medicine and contain a high amount of CBD and little of TCH, and apparently is effective for the treatment of serious illnesses such as Charlotte who had up to 300 seizures a week and the use of the drug reduced the amount up 99% , increasing their quality life significantly.

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Just as it is not suitable demonize a treatment just because the plant is classified as illegal, nor are their substances. That is not why the TCH should be considered “bad part” of cannabis, since this made the same Mechoulam conducted a study on children wearing treatment of chemotherapy and found improvement important in managing the effects of invasive treatment. While the greatest concentration of TCH will be looking at the recreational use of marijuana because this his “power” is measured as the psychoactive component, is a good time not be left alone with this property, since, in any case, there are medications legal (though controlled) to have that kind of effects and are prescribed to treat serious diseases.

Drugs accepted to treat severe epilepsy have aggressive side effects

Now, alarms even more reluctant to review the cases focus in the age of patients , in this case Grace 8 years. However, drug normally used to treat severe epilepsy are not safe and do have many side effects , some very aggressive in younger patients. Another thing is that drugs that seek to import Grace’s parents have a standardized process and made for administration to children in liquid or oil base is not nearly the idea of ​​putting a child to smoke marijuana in some little informed debates is heard.

The case of Charlotte and the Grace spearhead for the revision of laws and it is noteworthy that the important work who champion their parents that many children can benefit health in difficult situations like these. Some sectors of society jump only hear the word marijuana and to any discussion or scientific evidence close; evidence which, incidentally, are often used partially and suit predetermined way to support narrative ; this is as dangerous as not rely on any study to administer a drug and, likewise, I do not manage a blind moral prejudice to las evidence and scientific studies . So it is based on written laws in other realities, and for other purposes in the past.

fundamental right

 Charlotte Figi

Charlotte Figi

In an interview with the representative of the law firm handling the case of Grace Fabian Aguinaco Bravo, explains that the legal argument is based on href=”” fundamental right health to be observed on anything else for Grace . In this sense Sen. Mario Delgado Carrillo who will present an initiative to legalize medical and therapeutic use of marijuana, including scientific research and even prescription; aseguró that :

We share the view of the parents of the child Graciela Elizalde Benavides, saying unconstitutional and violates human rights the content of Article 103 of the General Health Act because is restricted to access to treatments that can improve health in patients who have exhausted all medical options authorized by the Ministry of Health.

So, the debate is already playing the doors of the Senate, has captured the attention of society, parents and other patients on these drugs are an answer to complicated and difficult to treat diseases. As ever it becomes imperative to adhere to the scientific and medical evidence and cleared of bias locked in the long drug war that has lived, and lived in Mexico. However, as noted by the parents of Grace, it is the right to health that all children should have and which institutions should ensure.

It is very likely that it is time to detach from the archaic idea about marijuana and address, as mentioned, scientific evidence and testimony documented treatments for patients; and the example in more advanced countries in this regard or already have legislation about , even for recreational use of the plant as the states of Colorado and Washington in the United States since 2012 and Alaska , Oregon and District of Columbia in 2014; and Uruguay in 2013 legalized and regulated since the cannabis market . In addition to remain vigilant to the debate taking place in Canada, Jamaica, Italy, Spain and other countries in Latin America.


The debate in Mexico about the medicinal use of marijuana
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October 8, 2015

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