The dilemma of the monetization of a startup

The dilemma of the monetization of a startup

The monetization of a startup or choose a business model, complicated task of a technology company that has to find the balance between user experience and earn income in some way.

The monetization of a startup, or define the business strategy is going to run a business can be one of the most important to be taken by the founders of each entity before taking any decision making. Most of them opt for a safe road, the model profitability and billing , prized by Investors & Partners as Cabiedes . But others take the path of growth fast and flashy product but with dubious incomes that depend mostly increases in capital raised by the company.

The ad has had to change the mechanisms to reach the public Most of the great unicorns have the business model of strong expansion and subsequent approach to create profits. Initially, the option to add advertising to the web of the company was the most used resource for all the typical banner or pop-up recurring selling the product of turn. But times have changed , users have evolved and therefore the rules of the game have been made much more complicated , especially with the appearance of the famous adblockers, who have come to cause users to experience more comfortable navigation

<. p> The ingenuity, then sharpens and embed new forms of advertising , and therefore profit, without disturbing the users. Cases like the newly announced href=””> , which has launched sponsored selfies, very useful for the promotion of films or brands. Or the case of the tweets or sponsored entries Twitter or Facebook. In any case, all followed the same strategy: get a large community of users, even create a “addiction” to the product, so that adding something sponsored can make even a new experience for the consumer . As can be the case snapchat or even YouTube, which usually publishes numerous campaigns with interactive videos that become even viral.

When the sponsored content, model used by much of the media, It does not work or is not served by the structure of the same startup, look for other resources. The models of payment for the use and enjoyment of the platform, premium system have also been recurrent. Some goes well, and not manage others know. The problem here is know where to draw the line so you can use for free, and what belongs to the world of payment, also requesting an appropriate amount for the service convincing both those who do not want to pay , and those who are willing to have an added value.

What is clear is that nothing is written in the world of search of profits and revenues. And advertising, a resource that by definition is creative has a world of resources to explore because TRR’s days are numbered, and the companies will continue to need income.


The dilemma of the monetization of a startup
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October 2, 2015

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