The director of ‘fantastic beasts 2’ explained by what follows Johnny Depp in spite of the accusation of ill-treatment


These last it seems that all the scandals of Hollywood have to do with the multiple cases of sexual abuse that has gone destapándose from the first charges received by Harvey Weinstein. However, there are many more serious problems in the mecca of cinema, and Johnny Depp is still not get rid of the bad press it received after its separation from Amber Heard, who he was allegedly ill-treated by the protagonist of the franchise ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ (‘Pirates of the Caribbean’).

What’s curious is that the career of Depp seems not to have suffered any harm after what happened, although the fans of the universe Harry Potter have not hesitated to start a boycott campaign to spare me of it in ‘fantastic Animals: The crimes of Grindelwald’ (‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’). The problem is that his filming is already underway and all indications are that Warner does not plan to make anything in that direction. For his part, David Yates, director of the same, has not hesitated to come out in his defence of the actor:


Honestly, there is a problem currently where a lot of people are being accused of things, accused by many victims, which is compelling and terrifying. With Johnny, it seems that it was a person who accused him of something. I can only talk about the man that I see every day: he is very decent and friendly, and that is all that I see. Any accusation that has been out there does not fit with the kind of human being with which I have been working on.

Sounds a little over that with him has been friendly and then it is impossible that you have done nothing wrong. Reminds Me a little of when on the news they talk with the neighbors of any criminal and many of them say that it was very nice because he always greeted. However, several former partners of Depp as Winona Ryder or Vanessa Paradis do not hesitate to come to their defense shortly after the allegations Heard, and that is based Yachts to continue to speak in favor of the actor:

The testimony of some of the women who has been in your life has been the same: “this is not the kind of person that I know”. It is very different to other cases in which there are allegations of several people over many years that we need to examine and reflect on our industry, which allows it to happen year after year. Johnny is not in that category in any way. For me, it does not require any analysis. It is a problem dead.

There, now the thing assumes another character, but it is behaviors past do not guarantee future behavior, and can be perfectly possible to carry out violent macho about his former partner and it seems somewhat hypocritical on the part of Hollywood that you are going to tip-toe by a subject as peliaguado. Perhaps there are victims of second-or is that just his thing happened when people were less susceptible? What a difference with the case of Kevin Spacey, the been fired ‘House of Cards’ and removed from ‘All the money in the world’ (‘All The Money in the World’)…

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The director of ‘fantastic beasts 2’ explained by what follows Johnny Depp in spite of the accusation of ill-treatment
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November 29, 2017

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