The director of ‘Monsters University’ disrupts ‘The Pixar Theory’ Jon Negroni


  • “It’s a fun idea, but it’s not what we talked about at Pixar,” said Dan Scanlon, director of ‘Monsters University’.
  • Jon Negroni armed ‘The Pixar Theory’, a theory on the idea that all Pixar films are the same frame and are connected to each other.
  • The theory is a megatrama time going from ‘Brave’ to ‘S. A Monster’, the futuristic Pixar film.

 Monsters University

There is something to talk about in Pixar “. With these words dismissed Dan Scanlon, director of Monsters University , known as Pixar The Pixar Theory , a theory that holds that all studio films coexist in the same universe and are connected to each other.

several months now, Jon Negroni armed The Pixar Theory, elaborate theory on the idea that all Pixar films are part of a same frame, in the style of what happens with The Avengers Marvel.

“It’s a fun idea , but would have had to be a mad geniuses to plot thus “says Kori Rae, producer of several of the Pixar films. “There is nothing to talk at Pixar, not think. Or at least I do not.’m Sure people do it, though,” said Scanlon, in any case recognized that it is true that some movies are connected to each other.

“When you think about all the ‘Easter eggs’ and all that stuff, you know what I mean,” Scanlon said told Movies “As the toy [Bear Toy Story 3 ] that appears in Up or Rex Action Figure WALL-E . Nevertheless you have to think that we are obviously in the same world , but for no other reason than because is fun . But you can not deny that certain products are sold in the same world, “he says.

keys ‘The Pixar Theory’

The Pixar Theory is megatrama which ranges from the fourteenth or fifteenth century, where is located Brave , and ending in the year 4500 or 5000, where ?? according to this theory is ambientaría ?? Monsters, Inc. , the most futuristic Pixar film. In between, all 14 features the study of which one is the key. Brave

The theory suggests that the magic that Merida discovers Brave allows inanimate objects and animals exist as intelligent beings in the later films. This magic makes her mother into a bear and is the reason that animals and inanimate objects (brooms and tools) behave like humans.

He also notes that the human pollution and experimentation that were seen in Finding Nemo (2003) hinted and curiosity of animals by “ behavior more human”. Up and be peering fall of civilization a large corporation BnL hands, seeking the machines take control of everything.

Negroni theory suggests that sometime in the future there was a confrontation between the Humans and animals while BnL blame for polluting the Earth, as finally shown in Wall-E . Something that brings the human race to leave the planet and go into space.

From ‘Brave’ to ‘S. A Monster’

But The Pixar Theory it does not stop there, introduces the element of time travel , which brings us back to Brave, movie where the old witch appears that disappears when you cross a door. The other key Theory Pixar now turns his eyes to Monsters, Inc. and other great movie within the lattice.

And it argues Negroni that the most futuristic Pixar film to date monster ?? evolved, mutated or crossed with human intelligent animals ?? time travel through the gates to collect energy scares children.

The key is Boo, the little girl from the movie that slips by one of those temporary doors in the future of the Monsters. Once grows seeks truth, uncover all the theory and time-traveling through the doors where everything started to appear. It is, Boo Hag is Brave


The director of ‘Monsters University’ disrupts ‘The Pixar Theory’ Jon Negroni
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October 5, 2014

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