The emulator Android Studio is faster than ever and includes Google Play


Emulators for Android there are many, but few as powerful and versatile as the one included in Android Studio. In the end, it is the emulator official on the developers to test the applications. Has been getting better with the time, and today it receives two improvements are very important: the quick start and the support for Google Play.

The quick start, or Quick Boot, is a system to which the emulator start faster. Now it will be a matter of 6 seconds to re-open it. On the other hand, Google has created a system image with Google Play, built-in, making it easier for developers to test applications that depend on Google Play Services or that need to interact with the store.

quick Start

we Started with the quick start. Using an improved system of snapshots, the Android emulator is able to be restarted in a few seconds. To do this it keeps all the information about the state in a snapshot that will load faster when you re-open. The result is that takes less time to open, but takes more time to quit (because it has to save the state).


Quick Boot is already enabled in the latest version of the Android emulator from Android Studio, the version 27.0.2. To use it, you just have to close the emulator by clicking on the X instead of using the off button. When you open it, it will read the state and it really is faster to reload it from scratch.

Images of the system with Google Play

on the other hand, you will find in AVD Manager new images of the Android system, now with Google Play included. Up to now the most similar that I had was images with the Google API, but did not include Google Play. To use Google Play in the emulator you need to, of course, sign in with your Google account.


it Is necessary to download the images of the specific system with Google Play (indicated in their name) to access. Are available versions from Nougat and to the API 27. This is an innovation that will simplify life to many developers, because it facilitates the use of the emulator as if it were a real phone.

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The emulator Android Studio is faster than ever and includes Google Play
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December 19, 2017

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