The European Commission publishes two objections against anti-competitive practices by Qualcomm

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It is not the first time we see EU to dive into research on the market of consumer technology, it is that the community committee reviewed very closely the conditions of competition between different companies are met

patent wars and multiple cross between a number of complaints electronics giants have been many investigations or penalties awarded in recent months, and indeed, not too long ago that even the opening of proceedings against Google was announced by prácticas . monopolistic Android

The last firm that has heard from Europe has been Qualcomm , and is the manufacturer of hardware American just got two statements of objections by anticompetitive practices in the old continent, namely abuse of dominant position and an alleged bribery case.

The European Commission is not cut in their charges

The documents published by the European body are very hard with Qualcomm, which accuse the first of the statements of directly and with substantial amounts bribe a large manufacturer of devices to montase solutions SoC (System-on-Chip) exclusively.

Being a preliminary document is not the manufacturer is named, but the Commission continues to claim that this contract still continues in force and reduces incentives to search by manufacturer offers new chips, damaging competition and innovation in manufacturing chipsets with support UMTS and LTE.

The second bad news for Qualcomm comes in the form of abuse of dominant position with the deliberate manipulation of prices, and that as the Community body says the US company cut prices of several chipsets below manufacturing value during the period between 2009 and 2011.

This second offense, says the European Commission, coincided perfectly in time with Icera growth in this market that threatened the leading position of Qualcomm . Specifically, it is said that Qualcomm sold certain quantities of its UMTS chipsets support two of its customers at prices that do not cover costs, forcing Icera to leave the market.

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positive reactions from Qualcomm

We wanted to push the opinions of the own Qualcomm about it, so we contacted media representatives Manufacturer American in our country to confirm that your reaction is positive

Qualcomm has been cooperating with the Commission since the beginning of these issues, and now we have received the statement charges, we are delighted with the opportunity to formally respond.

We are anxious to show that competition in the sale of chips with wireless connectivity has been and remains strong and dynamic, and sales practices Qualcomm has always complied with European legislation on competition.

These issues, says Qualcomm, were published first by the company , and the first of which relate to the supply of chipsets from Qualcomm to only one of its customers, under an existing agreement and still in force. The other has to do with sales to two customers from 2009 to 2011, three chips embedded in USB dongles intended to provide wireless connectivity to laptops.

It also indicates Qualcomm that the Fair Trade Commission of Taiwan -TFTC- has requested information from the company for a patent research, and that this matter, still in its first stages, will be followed closely by Qualcomm to cooperate as much as possible with the Taiwanese agency .

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The European Commission publishes two objections against anti-competitive practices by Qualcomm
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December 9, 2015

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