The European Union wants to enter the mobile charger universal this summer and Apple is opposed

The Commission Europea will propose to this year’s legislation to harmonise chargers for mobile phones and similar devices throughout the European Union, something that claim for several years, organizations of consumers but that generates reservations in the industry, on all of the u.s. Apple.

The proposal would arrive in the third quarter, according to the program work of the community Executive to 2020 that has been presented this Wednesday, a day before the plenary of the european Parliament to vote on a resolution that urges Brussels to act in this sense.

The introduction of a universal charger not only would eliminate inconvenience for the users, that today you need to chargers different for each device, but that would reduce the 51,000 tons of waste electronic that generated these accessories each year, according to the European Parliament.

The EU put for the first time on the table the idea of a universal charger in 2009. Then there were about 30 models on the market, and the European Commission and the major manufacturers of mobile phones in Europe –including Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Sony or LG, among others – signed a voluntary agreement to bring them into line.

This allowed reduce the number of models, so that now in the european market there are three main types of chargers: the USB 2.0 Micro-B, USB C and the system Lightning, used only Apple devices.

however, the agreement between the industry expired in 2014 and the european Parliament asked since then to the Commission to adopt binding regulations to develop a single charger, but the initiative never came to see the light.

With a new Executive at the helm in Brussels since last December, the European Parliament has taken up the theme and provides vote this Thursday on a resolution in which he insists on introducing a standard charger, not only for its convenience to the consumer, but by the “need of the EU to act to reduce the volume of waste electronic”. It is estimated that by 2020 this type of crap will increase up to 12,000 million tons in the EU.

however, manufacturers are reluctant to adopt a single model, in particular Apple, whose chargers can only be used with devices of your brand. In a public consultation on the subject made by the Commission at the beginning of 2019, the giant of computing, defended the regulations that harmonize the connectors of the phone “will chill innovation rather than promoting it”.

Apple ensures that you want to avoid that a new law would oblige to send more cables or external adapters, with each device or leave obsolete devices used by millions of consumers, which would “result in a volume of waste electronic unprecedented and great inconvenience for the users.” The american manufacturer calls for the industry to cooperate, without the need to legislate.

see Also the Council of the Industry of Technologies of the Information from the USA, employers in the sector in the country, positioned itself against, warning that the measure “could create barriers to trade by forcing global manufacturers to meet unique rules“, which in his judgment would go against the rules of the World Trade Organization.

The Organization of European Consumers (BEUC) considers, however, that the voluntary approach has not worked and calls for regular “quickly” because the new generation of chargers without cable is already coming to the market.

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The European Union wants to enter the mobile charger universal this summer and Apple is opposed
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January 29, 2020

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