The evolution of the Batman costume through the years

Evolution Batman costume through the years

The Batman costume has undergone constant changes, as many as his personality and actors who have given life to this Knight Night. Let’s go.

It was in May 1939. On the cover of Detective Comics # 27 first appeared a character who became an icon of the ninth art, and popular culture itself: Batman . This character was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger to soon have its own title and begin to move into the small screen and large .

Over the years, as you might expect, it has undergone countless transformations and interpretations, both in the narrative, psychological. Likewise, the Batman costume characteristic and indispensable for this superhero. So, let’s review this transformation through the years in the film and television .

‘Batman’, 1943

Series directed by Lambert Hillyer in which Batman / Bruce Wayne was played by Lewis Wilson . In the Second World War the 15 chapters in this series, Batman is devoted to beat a Japanese nemesis, Dr. Daka.


‘Batman and Robin’, 1949

Robert Lowery gave birth to Dark Knight , while Johnny Duncan played the “Boy Wonder”. This series was directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet and consists of 15 chapters.


‘Batman’, 1960

Surely one of the iconic series, for better or for worse, are part of the popular culture and the history of Batman we know today. It was created by William Dozier and Adam West gave life to this particular Batman ; together they gave the world 120 chapters in three seasons. There is also Batman: The Movie , 1966 in which it participated as Batman and West was done with, well, peculiar special effects.

Physique of a bus driver ?? Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward Photograph as Robin. 20thCFox / Everett /

‘Batman’ in 1989 and ‘Batman Returns ‘1992

It was the late 80’s we could see this Batman would give a twist to the character as we knew it on the small screen. Tim Burton was the director of this film in which Michael Keaton played Batman . His costume looks very different and, of course, we are in another time for this Caped Crusader .


‘Batman Forever’, 1995

Joel Schumacher is the director of this film (which everyone wants to forget). Val Kilmer was commissioned to carry two suits , one called ‘Panther Suit’, black and marked pectoral muscles … and yes, nipples; and another called ‘Sonar Suit’ logo across the chest and platinum.

 Val Kilmer-batman

‘Batman & Robin’, 1997

And if film is to forget, is run by the same Schumarcher, although in this case it was George Clooney (!) who behaved this costume, very and contrasted different.


Batman Begins, 2005

reboot that would mark a new era of Batman movies. We know that Christopher Nolan drew up this trilogy starring Christian Bale . His suit would be in keeping the darkest and tormented Batman, over the three tapes would suit other additions, however, retain its characteristic simplicity and power


‘The Dark Knight’, 2008


‘The Dark Knight Rises, 2012


‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ‘(2016)

Sad Batman was released quite some time and the responses have been enough, both the suit and the very Ben Affleck who will play the Knight Nocturne in the next film to be released in 2016.



The evolution of the Batman costume through the years
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November 19, 2015

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