The evolution of the market share of phone brands throughout history

graphic We can seem to take a lifetime here, but the history of Android and smartphones is relatively short. Short but very intense and endowed with amazing technological developments. So far we agree. But competition and the number of participants in the construction of terminals has made besides being an intense story, is also quite difficult to assess which of them has been and is the main driver of the industry and the clear winner.

To tell the truth in this is quite complicated numbers hit full, is that the smartphone market as well as being segmented into platforms, so is in brands. And oddly enough, are not always known or popular manufacturers that sell more terminals. In truth, and through a comprehensive detailed chart prepared by the portal , we will be able to see and throughout history there are manufacturers that have been around practically forever, and others that although his arrival has been more recent, monopolize a market share important.

In fact, it is pleasantly surprising, is in the niche market of countries called “emerging” where we see a more gradual evolution and increasing as the years go by. The chart covers from 1997 and is passing years until this 2013, and sales are broken terminals relevant manufacturers. An interactive graphic on one side we will find sales figures, and on the right we will see the different presentations of terminals that have marked turning points year on year. Note that these graphs are calculated on figures and data from different sources, but it gives an idea.

Something very complete and highlighting several issues. The first is that most popular does not mean best seller. We all have in mind the iPhone as one of the most important terminal market, and indeed it is. But its market share is far from being the first in this global market of telephony. And not to forget that it is a cake that is widely held and where since 2011 the brand has been maintained its position but gradually market has given to other retailers . One of them, and it’s bitter enemy of the Californian company is Samsung. The Korean brand particularly fighting a battle with Apple in the patent field that shows how complicated this market.

 stickers-android But perhaps one of the most interesting things we see in this chart, is what we mentioned above, almost 33% of handset sales last year are “white label”. Independent manufacturers with little or no names are those that carry a significant percentage of sales. That shows that there is a rising market in which Android has much prominence . Integrate Android is still a perfect choice for many manufacturers who are in the green robot the way to break into a market aggressive, brutal and where ever there are more alternatives.

This proves that sometimes not everything is marketing and performance art. Although it is the largest claim in a market increasingly demanding, there is still a significant enough percentage of users looking to start or have a terminal that is useful in their day to day. It is clear that much remains to be done, and here the figures is never all said. Do not you think?

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The evolution of the market share of phone brands throughout history
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August 22, 2013

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