The face that cries of laughter, the ’emoji’ is more used by tweeters in 2019

As usual, December is the time of lists and collections relating to the year just a dynamic that, while it may reach saturation, always follows its interest. Under the hashtag #ThisHappened2019, Twitter has published multiple tops, including one stops to look curious in the emojis most used by the users of the social network.

pride of place has been the face that cries of laughter as used with a sense of humor to indicate the grace that makes us such a tweet, that reply, that ‘meme’ or the occurrence star TL. The fact that this icon be the first one refers to the way in which we conceive of the social network as well as the comical departure that we leave these unsettling times.The silver medal was awarded to the face that cries and that tends to be used for in terms of support, closeness and complicity with respect to a situation or story. The wink sympathetic is present.The podium as complete the emoticon of the smiley face with the hearts that make the time of googly eyes, a sign of what we like positive news.In positions four and five appear, in that order, a variant of the face that cries in allusion to the laughter and the LOL and the face yellow eyes sad which pet in for care.The rest of the top 10 comprise the face with the gesture, frown and the hand in position thinking (6), flames (7), the smiley face with the cheers sonrosados (8), the classic heart (9) and the face with the eyes facing up and the twisted mouth (10).The use of emojis, already detectable at the time of the original Messenger, was extended significantly in the wake of the ‘universalization’ of WhatsApp and it comes to a point that arises naturally-and makes it unlikely to not be discovered by putting one in an e-mail for informal it is.
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The face that cries of laughter, the ’emoji’ is more used by tweeters in 2019
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December 13, 2019

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