The faces of Belmez

The faces of Belmez

The most popular, seedy and parapsychological fraudulent mystery of Spain has continued to talk for years thanks to their agitators. This is the story of the faces of Belmez.

href=”” science, especially during the last few centuries, we have been serving to dispel the doubts we harbor about the mysteries of the world around us, from the microscopic to the astronomical, and even about ourselves. Is much we do not know, but ignorance is not an obstacle, excuse or justification to invent the answers: who lives there, not only confuse the process of scientific understanding, but also weave mysteries that do not exist . And that is the case with the famous faces of Belmez.

Decades enduring harsh faces

They say that in August 1971, Maria Gomez House resident of the Andalusian town of Belmez de la Moraleda, ran to warn his neighbors of that had found a spot shaped human face on the concrete floor of his kitchen , which was probably not more than fat or moisture and, ultimately, a case of href=”” Pareidolia . The house was filled with curious people for several days, until one of the children of Mary, who was understandably up to the cap, smashed the spot making use of a pickaxe. Lo and behold, in September appeared another spot on the same concrete floor, the most famous face were few in Belmez, known as la Pava, still is preserved. Days later, the case jumped to the press by the amount of people who came to Belmez to admire the phenomenon, because trips are organized to the point, and in the meantime, the family will accept for access to the kitchen and sold Pava photographs of the ten pesetas the unit.

 faces bélmez

Son of Maria Gomez with Pava – Ramon L. Perez,

However, stains do not Bélmez really popular they did until, in 1972, the evening newspaper People , one of the three most significant under Franco, published a series of reports on the matter, thereby increasing its circulation by 50,000 copies. Since then, quite a few journalists and parapsychologists came to town, eager to know the seedier mystery that has given the Spanish paranormal scene, and many of them were devoted to state that this was a manifestation of the Hereafter. Most sensible conclusion and most likely will, and evidence supporting it, of course; that is, no.

But as happens to all this phenomenon, after a few months, deflated, especially after People manifest that had nothing of paranormal, which were a fraud , and ceased to pay prior attention: according to the analysis, the faces had been painted with silver salts . And had to spend a quarter century The family whose house “appeared” faces charged willingness to visitors and sold photographs of one of them to someone it occurred to him to revive the Topic: nothing more and nothing less than the greatest misteriólogo the Kingdom, Iker Jimenez, whose lack of intellectual rigor and journalistic ethics has shown on numerous occasions , as when he said that, in science, truth depends on mafias and fashions. Anyway, in 1997, along with Lorenzo Fernandez, published a report on the mendacious Enigmas in which it stated that the faces of Belmez are real and that its decline popularity was due to “a hidden operation that took sole aim to annihilate the mystery.” Proof? Again, no. Thus, they spurred a matter closed for some time and returned to rivers of ink absurd in the following years. And not content with this, in 2003, Jones published a book with Luis Mariano Fernandez ensuring that some of the faces meet the family of Maria Gomez who died in the siege at the shrine of the Virgen de la Cabeza during the Civil War, even manipulating photographs.

faces bélmez

Photo Manipulation with the faces of Belmez –

Meanwhile, in Belmez, after Mary Gomez passed away in 2004, the City wanted to buy his house to touristically exploit the phenomenon but the heirs demanded 600,000 euros for her. So very timely, some parapsychologists proclaimed that they had found new faces (teleplastias, waste ectoplasm) in the house in which Maria Gomez had spent his childhood and coincidentally, it was much more Bélmez City Council built a museum on the faces 800,000 euros of public money and European funds cheap: 84,000 euros. Of course, href=”” forgery allegations and evidence soon to arrive, as happened with the first faces.

In February 2013, the City of Belmez inaugurated interpretation center Faces , a museum about the same as before an embarrassing scandal that cost a whopping 800,000 euros of public money: the old school, which was funded by the European Union was. And in September 2014, Iker Jimenez returned to the fray in his TV show Fourth millennium and tried to demonstrate that none of the explanations faces fraud was correct, program that “does not withstand serious analysis” as Javier Cavanilles , author of The faces of Belmez with Francisco Máñez . In this 2007 book, the title of the present text by his eloquence, explained that, among other things, all the chemical analyzes to faces for years confirmed the fraud, which “are retouched spots” again and again with the aforementioned silver salts, then with coal and pencil, paint and other media .

 faces bélmez

New faces in Belmez –

Anyone can make Belmez faces a concrete floor with water, oil and vinegar . The sad thing is that when not enough common sense to reject something as ridiculous as this case and need to spend time and effort to prove fraud, when people are more willing to believe the nonsense that explanations grounded than simpler, something is wrong in our roofs, and we should let us look.


The faces of Belmez
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July 15, 2015

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