The false mystery of the spherical rock Bosnia

false mystery of Bosnia spherical rock

the discovery of a huge spherical rock by the Bosnian Semir Osmanagic has not been treated by much of the press as it deserves.

href=”” The science is a serious thing, not because their applications or certain studies may not be funny, but because a statement or analysis should not be considered scientific if the issue of dealing not been seriously examined systematically. And, sometimes the media are driven by the momentum of the show when a scientific story lends itself to it, giving fuel to pseudoscience more vulgar and characters that is not very wise to pay attention , even if these means do not fall for the same slope absurd them in their information and then turning to real scientists. This is what happened with the spherical rock that pseudoarqueólogo Semir Osmanagic has discovered in Bosnia .

Unknowns imaginary and equidistance with pseudoscience

the Osmanagic Bosnian jumped to the media around the world when, in October 2005, I had the idea to assert that he had found a pyramid with great similarities with that of Giza but more than this, carved by humans, in the hills of Visoko valley, located in the native , about twenty kilometers from Sarajevo. He said construction was the work of an advanced civilization descending nothing less than the Atlanteans or lemurs, who lived in the mythical Atlantis and Lemuria, about 14,000 years ago. Then he stepped back and attributed it to the ancient inhabitants of the area, the Illyrians, and dated its construction on a time scale as well defined as between year 12,000 and 500 BC. Osmanagic he said that an advanced civilization descendent of the Atlanteans or lemurs built pyramids in Bosnia; then its former inhabitants, the Illyrians

Also, meted history with something that has become the media in recent weeks: the existence of strange spherical rocks that, Osmanagic, are related in some way to the mysterious pyramid builders , which can only be seen in certain areas of href=”” Mexico, Costa Rica and, of course, Bosnia and form part of a global energy network, mathematically precise and brainchild of this supercivilization. The Great Pyramid, as others close to it, are integrated into this network, it is “an energy” that continuously emits energy pulses “, and is connected to the other with a series of underground tunnels.

 rock spherical bosnia

Semir Osmanagic – Flickr .com

they Osmanagic and his followers slabs have found some kind of cement to dig into the sides of the pyramid, and its upper end an energy beam, originated deep, “contradicts known laws of nature, physics and technology” arises and a column of light was detected in 2010 a radius of four meters and a half started the same site, a phenomenon said they had already witnessed in the Mexican pyramid of Kukulcan. As evidence, they provided a photograph, whose falsity can be checked with the naked eye because the column of light overshadows the Sun in its passage, something completely impossible European Association of Archaeologists. “It’s a hoax Cruel to an unsuspecting public and has no place in the world of genuine science “

of course, not only claims Osmanagic come into direct conflict with serious historiography about the age of what is now Bosnia , but even lacks evidence of each and every one of the elements of his thesis. The pyramid is not so; all he did was point a hill in the valley of Visoko pyramid-shaped, Visočica, and invent that underneath there is a carved human-pyramid, which to make matters worse simply that way by their faces north and east.

in addition, a geologist hired by Osmanagic called Nadija Nukic argued that “nature can not create itself so regular forms,” ​​which is not true: no more to see, for example, Windblown peak Antarctic, the Nayser Brakk Pakistani or mountain Pinnacle Arkansas . Hill Visočica, in particular, was formed when the pressure of what was the lake that surrounded the curved and sediments of the rock layers were fragmented and disintegrated to erode, why has this pyramidal appearance.

 rock spherical bosnia

Hill Visočica –

as for the alleged non-existent tunnels connecting the pyramids, the truth is that they have only given with a tunnel three kilometers from the hill Visočica that does not continue into them and the common sense that would be an ancient Roman mine, so pyramid interconnection is just another fantasy . Slabs alleged nor are such or are composed of cement: it is simple sedimentary rocks of the Miocene geological period that ended more than five million years ago, which rose and broke because of stress of plate tectonics, and regularity of the phenomenon can also be seen in Georgia or in Tasmania Jesus Martinez-Frias, geologist CSIC.. “the spheroidal weathering is a common and well known geological process has nothing magical or esoteric or mysterious “

the scientific community scoffed at Osmanagic, rejecting when he said, and the European Association of Archaeologists strongly protested the unprecedented support of the Bosnian Government to the work of this subject, which is literally known as the Indiana Jones of his country and has been the recipient of public money to pay for it. The association says, “it is a cruel hoax on an unsuspecting public and has no place in the world of genuine science” and that there is a risk that their excavations destroyed medieval and Roman remains ; if anyone would doubt the degree of pseudoscience Osmanagic and outrage that deserves this.

And we got to spherical rocks and the last type has unearthed, which he has stated that it is artificial and that “proves the existence of advanced civilizations that lived in the Balkans in the distant past, of which we never had any record” as has been defending since 2005, and that “skeptics have never visited the areas nor have analyzed, and no explanation of how they were formed. “

rock spherical bosnia

The boulders of Moeraki, New Zealand –

But this, what a surprise, is another falsehood: scientists reject the rock does not involve anything other than a natural formation , for concreteness, that is, “the precipitation of natural mineral cement into the spaces between the grains of sediment,” as noted by Mandy Edwards, a geologist at the University of Manchester, or already generalizing, by weathering spheroid, which “it is a common and well known geological process that affects different types of rocks and resulting in spheroidal shapes of different sizes, with also different evolutions,” said Jesus Martinez-Frias, a geologist and member of CSIC, which continues: “No It has nothing magical or esoteric or mysterious. It is not excluded that some of these areas have been exploited by certain cultures because of its peculiar morphology. “ The ad campaign Osmanagic with the spherical rock is another chapter on the false energy pyramids of Bosnia and its ancient civilization invented

So no mystery beyond knowing the exact process of their natural formation and the chemical elements that compose , and background such patently pseudoscientific Osmanagic, it is clear that on the one hand, the discovery of the happy spherical rock falls in the film that it has mounted the false energy pyramids and ancient invented civilization, and secondly, that not a few of the mainstream media has mentioned but has not submitted its comments on the new discovery as a chapter more of the same in their information.

And the worst thing is that, instead go directly what is nothing more than a new advertising campaign Osmanagic as they should have done, they not even have openly stated as pseudoscientific , presented the news as if it was some mystery of the origin of the rock and have even opposed the thesis Osmanagic with serious geologists equal, equidistant and if your approach is closer to href=”” proper treatment anyway they have used unsubstantiated claims for their holders, intros and featured excerpts, putting forward the desire to show and not journalistic ethics. Such unprofessional work, in short, as the alleged investigations of this pseudoarqueólogo .


The false mystery of the spherical rock Bosnia
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April 27, 2016

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