The family Guillemot acquires more shares in Ubisoft

Want to deal with the threat of Vivendi.

The founders of Ubisoft, the family Guillemot, are willing to prevent Vivendi -with 27% of the actions – take control of Ubisoft. In an official press release have announced the purchase of new shares to exceed 15%.

“Ubisoft has been informed that Guillemot Brothers SE and a bank have reached an agreement related to the purchase of a maximum of 2.000.016 actions of Ubisoft that represent 1.75% of the share capital of Ubisoft“. This operation would have a value of about $ 135 million.

analysts had expected Vivendi being bought to Ubisoft this year after acquiring its sister company, Gameloft, but the resistance of the family Guillemot could make rethinking this movement. Stephane Roussel, chief executive of Gameloft, said that Ubisoft was the “most natural solution”, but that is not the only and that other companies also are likely to purchase, especially since the acquisition by Ubisoft is more expensive.

The family Guillemot acquires more shares in Ubisoft

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