The first drawing of the Android logo: The Dandroids

It looks as if it had always existed android , at least I can not imagine how we could be without a mobile OS that android offers capabilities. Anyway, as every beginning, there are things we did not know, things that were the origin of what is normal today, and one of those things, is the android logo ( An icon and our modern ) an evolution of what was at first and we show.

The designer Andy, that is the name for those who do not know the Android’s original logo Android today is called Irina Block , but of origin have already spoken at length in this article.

These drawings date from 2007 when it was still all a project I had to work if or if, The stakes were high because the industry was already moving in this direction and worked with utmost attention in development. These designs androids, or rather robots were called Dandroids, and appearance were engineers, specifically Dan Morrill, she says in her Google Plus , in a free moment, gave Android , before Irina Block worked in a design much more visual.

A nice anecdote to know that the drawing of an engineer in a free moment, come to collect over the years such importance, being, the first look of android. I personally think that the current design of android, is one of the best commercial designs ever created, as I said in the beginning of the article, I have a feeling, that always existed, and that is also extrapolated to the future, an icon for not passing time.

Am I in love note? : P

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The first drawing of the Android logo: The Dandroids
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January 4, 2013

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