‘The Flash’ closes a good but irregular second year with a final game-changing

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Warning spoiler : This article is an analysis of opinion of what has been the second season of ‘the Flash’ and as such is packed with details and information about the plot

My name is Barry Allen, and I’m the fastest man alive

So pluck every episode of ‘the Flash’ in a season in which this statement has been questioned systematically. A second irregular year, very hurt by the existence of the other series of DC on The CW but has managed to keep the essence in its strengths and has led to a season finale surprising -and quite confusing.

it is common to talk about the second season of a series that started well as a possible bump quality, and although not consider that ‘the Flash’ has been the victim of the curse of second year , yes I have been craving more dispersed, more insecure in the development of its plot nuclei and whose villain finally has not lived up or their own expectations or the comparison with the previous, Reverse-Flash


the great handicap suffered by the series was having to devote the initial course of previous chapters the christmas break to serve the DCU that is riding the CW; in particular, the launch of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’. In the first season, the plots had always found a great balance between the personal lives of the protagonists, the weekly case in question and how they fit into the whole horizontally plot, never losing the emotional value of events and, at the same time, presenting them from the good vibes and the run fatalism ** ** tragic that so weary turned ‘Arrow’.

Zoom, more less

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However, this second season has danced worse with all those elements, and much of the blame was that first third in which he had to betray itself to serve the universe. Luckily, Zoom managed to open a gap in the middle of all this maelstrom , and was presented as an imposing and interesting villain -even I remember that chapter in which he carried on wings Barry throughout the city; what knot in the stomach.

However, with the passage of the episodes we have seen how deflating Zoom. That twist unveiled Jay Garrick had been deceiving them all the time was very powerful, and a great idea that functioned as a mirror of what happened to Wells last year . However, from there the development has been lurching and, above all, has been quite repetitive with all open-closed portals and constant kidnappings and forth of the two Earths.

But I think the last thing I had to convince was his behavior. The story of the origin of Zoom was very shocking and dark, something that justified well the kind of psychopath who were dealing with. However, how to behave (in its efforts to achieve the speed of Barry) I have been craving incoherent and confused . It would have worked much better if they had explained before what was going to use that speed (for pulsarcito-destroys-worlds) as it would have injected much more tension to the set and would have minimized the sense of repetition with the comings and goings and kidnappings .

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Finally, this race and final victory is somewhat anticlimactic Zoom . Visual and technically deserves a lot of praise, but just an abrupt way to what it has meant the villain in the season, and Barry. By the way, I have always believed it is better not to consider too the dilemmas that arise from time travel and paradoxes, but the remaining time have pulled a frustrating way.

On the one hand, I do not quite understand how it is possible that the death of one of them does not affect Barry at all, and secondly, the release talking about the sacrifice made by his friends but actually do not put too much value . It happens too fast and not really supposed to sacrifice itself for Barry. Am I the only one that this has seemed very strange?

may not seem after all this paragraph stating what has not worked for me in the season, but yet, I have followed enjoying ‘the Flash’ and has been the emotional factor of the series that has sustained and given more sense to set.

the heart of Central City

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the dynamic between all the characters has always It has been one of the strengths. The new Wells and her daughter have put on the table dilemmas and conflicts that have played perfectly in combination with Joe and the relationship with his two sons , the adoptive and biological Wally Barry. Another of the elements that have brought good juice has been all part of doppelgangers . It was not only fun to watch, but have also managed to get chicha to fears or traumas that come to light by having another timeline of reference (such as fear of Cisco to become villain or the presence of Eddie, a character who sacrificed his life for all).

I take for give the wave Carlos Valdes . Is, along with Grant Gustin, more natural and more empathetic of all the cast the actor, but everything is so clearly enjoys as a dwarf playing Cisco, with all geeks references, his jokes and his sense of wonder, which spreads good vibes. He is the great representation of how the series always tries to deal with conflicts and dramas featuring from a light view despite the darkness of some thematic elements.

this brings me to Barry. Amid all this maelstrom of double people, double land, time travel, failed relationships and disappointments, Barry remains the great emotional core pulling all decisions . It is something commendable, and definitely the main reason that ‘The Flash’ is not left in a goofy entertainment, that maturity Barry is always consistent and consistent with his personality, the way facing everything that happens to him him and the people he wants. And how their fears or their strengths change as the series progresses.

It is a process very real maturity with which it is also very easy to connect thanks to the work of Grant Gustin , a surprisingly charismatic and identifiable actor, who is always the height of any emotional climax (whether intense or subtle) and getting inspire a kind of brotherly affection for the character. The affection between the series and Grant have succeeded in having Barry have gotten few series.

The grand finale

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and so the episode of the Speed ​​Force was so powerful, and probably the most important of the season. That before and after for the character, that overcoming the childhood event that has conditioned his entire life (and first full season). A summit episode that takes even more body with subsequent events ; with the death of the father (and the revelation of the true Jay Garrick as the man in the mask, a whole series guiñazo the nineties) and the rotation of a completely optimistic one torn and vindictive Barry. Got up for a moment, but after the fall has been even stronger

This leads us to the end of the season and that Barry desperate decision to change the past.; to avoid pain; to prove to Eobard Thorne said that what would never be happy is not true. He’s tired of all the suffering in her life. Funny how mature surprisingly acting to tell Iris that before being with her has to be clarified and feel that is himself, then take nowhere sensible decision to go back in time and save the life of his mother .

now what? Much has been said about this final reference to ‘Flashpoint’, the arch-reset DC Comics in which Flash saved her mother and back was with a terrible universe in which Batman was killed and many changes. The question is whether this will affect the rest of series of The CW or obviate that ‘Arrow’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ occur in the same timeline (as the ignored when Barry was left without power and perfectly could have called Arrow and coleguis to get some help, but I will say that almost prefer to spend so much crossover).

as for how it will affect the characters and plot of the series, it is curious that is an end that erase everything that happened dramatically in two seasons (except for Barry) and poses a blank for the next. I am very curious to see which path to take after this end; until then, I’ll take the good from ‘The Flash’, with enjoyment, with funny moments and the care they put into the feelings of his characters.

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‘The Flash’ closes a good but irregular second year with a final game-changing
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May 29, 2016

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