The foot folding Satechi is perfect for MacBook

the Satechi has a catalog with various accessories for Apple products. The booth for laptop of aluminium, it is a perfect companion for MacBooks and iPads. Made in aluminium, it combines perfectly with these teams.

The Aluminium Laptop Stand simplifies and orders the desktop and has a very good design. It is available in silver, gold, rose gold, Space Gray and matte black and it complements the design of the Apple computers.

The stand allows you to raise the height of your MacBook to facilitate their use, and improving ventilation. It has a rubber base which ensures that your computer stays secure and also you do not scratch the desktop. Has a handle and a folding design to be able to take you anywhere. It is made with aluminum for long life.

The Satechi Aluminium Laptop Stand has a price of 29.99 usd and can be purchased through the Web page of Satechi.


The foot folding Satechi is perfect for MacBook
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August 3, 2018

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