‘The fortune hunters’, a pleasant thriller romantic whose greatest asset is in its cast

'The fortune hunters', a pleasant thriller romantic whose greatest asset is in its cast

Looking at my personal calendar, from the series foreign which premiered in Spain this week, ‘The fortune hunters‘ (‘Gold Digger’), is easily one of the most conventional in terms of gender and history, if not the most. That’s not to say that it’s bad. The mini-series of six episodes of the BBC comes this night with a double episode at Antenna 3 after its broadcast in the Uk by the end of 2019.

And I’m going to start with the good: the great strength that has the series lies in the cast. Although this is not a novelty considering that the british industry seems not to produce any actor bad. On this occasion we find ourselves with faces in common, such as Julia Ormond (which we have seen lately in ‘Ladies in black’ and ‘Forever‘) and Ben Barnes (antagonist ‘The Punisher‘, among other roles).

Julia is a wealthy tradeswoman and in process of divorce that the day she turns sixty years have you known Ben, is young copywriter with who will begin a torrid affair. For sons, the daughter is more confident of this, to see the clear difference of age, they begin to suspect that Ben can take advantage of it and make all the money.

Suspicions and warnings that will be present, in different ways, to the throughout the series to influence the relationship between Julia and Ben, with jealousy and distrust, with the wear and tear that this entails. In addition, the children will also seek to find out what the plan is for Ben, if there is one.

A mini-series that searches for that judge immediately

Marnie Dickens writes a mini-series that is quite clear in its intentions and in what it wants to tell. This makes the development of the first episode walk a little rushed. That “boy meets girl” happens in the tonteo to present to the family in a matter of a few scenes, and without giving time to digest what is going on.

That which does not give time do not want to say that is not obvious. Dickens does not go with half measures at the time of writing to Ben: between the title of the series and his attitude toward Julia – “I’m going to for you to sack” but I better not I will tell you almost nothing. Whether or not a fortune hunters is a suspicion that you try to sustain the series, except for the fact that it makes you positions very fast about it.

Perhaps the most “original”, so to speak, is the desire to speak of the feel desired by a certain age. The problem is that this is not presented sufficiently before our protagonists meet and start their romance. Will be developed later, Julia found its biggest support in her daughter Della (Jemina Rooper), compared to their other two (Sebastian Armesto and Archie Renaux).

fortune hunters

‘The fortune hunters’ is a thriller romantic of manual. Secrets, lies (or half truths), people suspicious, infidelities, past traumatic of those who do not want to talk about and, of course, money. Dickens also breaks the coconut and decides not to get out of the tracks of the genre, strolling continuously by family land.

which makes be a fiction, pleasing, entertaining, and that is readily available to an eager audience of this type of stories. The penalty is to be left in the land of the little soap opera without much to contribute.

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‘The fortune hunters’, a pleasant thriller romantic whose greatest asset is in its cast
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January 10, 2020

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