The gaming industry in Spain

The gaming industry in Spain

AEVI, Spanish Association of Video Games, presented its annual report on the leading market for audiovisual entertainment in Spain. videogames

Video games invoiced in 2015 1083 million euros in Spain by adding physical sales, 791 million, according to Gfk, and 292 million online sales, according Gametrack and compiled by the informa AEVI annual . An increase of 8.7% over the previous year and has established itself as the leading industry of audiovisual leisure in Spain, outperforming the film, and 571 million euros in turnover.

estimate 15 millions of players in the country , with 53% of men and 47% of women who spend, on average, more than 6 hours per week to this activity. The Spaniards, despite the rise of digital distribution on PC and console, still prefer physical games by a small margin. Women prefer puzzles and puzzle games and men’s sports simulation

Growth has a clear responsibility.. more next-generation consoles, 7% extra sold software sales fell 8.8% due to the drastic fall of last generation platforms like PS3 and Xbox 360, which still have great health in Spain. The peripherals have become a market of more than EUR 100 million , an increase of 15.4% compared to 2014 due to the constant effervescence of electronic sports like League of Legends or Counter- Strike:. Global Offensive

in the last year has sold nearly ten million video games, more than a million consoles and peripherals through almost four million. In software, PS4, Wii U and Xbox One, entertainment systems of new generation, leading the growth. According to data collected by AEVI, 67% of the video game market is physical distribution .

Sony dominates with iron hand the distribution of videogames in Spain . PS4 has sold more than 40 million consoles worldwide and is on track to be the entertainment system’s best-selling history. In Spain PS3, despite the 8 times more video game PS4 to Xbox One drastic drop in sales due to the new generation, continues to exceed by a wide margin, to be sold by rivals Microsoft and Nintendo desktop.

Interesting is the case of Microsoft, whose Xbobx One could be described as mere anecdote compared to the PS4 in terms of sales. The Spanish market has always been difficult terrain for Microsoft, in this generation even worse, despite 35% growth in sales . Each time a video game Xbox One sold sold eight PS4.

Prepared / Source: AEVI

Prepared / Source: AEVI

Nintendo 3DS keeps pace with sales, despite entering the final straight because NX debut in 2017. Nintendo Wii sales remain high to be a console of the previous generation and Wii U has experienced good growth due to titles like Mario Maker Splatoon and international success.

Games sports simulation and action in first person, as FIFA and Call of Duty franchise, dominated sales in Spain, followed by titles like GTA V, Star Wars. Battlefront or more casual titles like Just Dance


The gaming industry in Spain
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June 4, 2016

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