The German League Football passed the first match in vertical format for mobile devices

The German League Football passed the first match in vertical format for mobile devicesThe DFL -acronym in German of ” Deutsche Fußball Liga, German League Football- has marked a small milestone in the history of audio-visual: has made the first transmission of a game in portrait format to devices mobile. That is to say, in addition to the usual transmission in 16:9, transmitted to the meeting of the Bundesliga between VfL Wolfsburg and SV Werder Bremen in a format:9: 16.


During the most recent #Bundesliga matchday the #DFL tested the live broadcast of a game in a vertical 9:16 format. This production was the first of its kind in world football. you

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— DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga (@DFL_Official) December 4, 2019

it Is, according to the DFL, of a necessary response to “change in the behavior of using the media and the increase in consumption of videos on mobile devices”, since that format is intended primarily for use in smartphones and in the social networking.“we See that the videos of vertical social networks on mobile devices are better received than those of horizontal orientation”, ” says Andreas Heyden, executive vice president of Digital Innovations DFL Group. “The successful test in Wolfsburg provides us with a good basis for further considerations on how to work with this new behavior of use in the future,” he adds. This test has been carried out by the companies DFL Digital Sports and Sportcast.

[email protected]_Official tested the world’s first football match to be broadcast in a vertical 9:16 format.

The match between @VfL_Wolfsburg and @werderbremen was broadcasted in vertical video in response to the rise in streaming from mobile devices.


— Sport Innovation Society (@sys) December 5, 2019

The DFL is known for its strong commitment to innovation and quality in the audiovisual field. The Bundesliga matches are produced with up to 25 cameras, many of them are ‘special cameras’ as systems of aerial cameras, drones, the chamber of the flag in the corner -that was developed especially within the Group DFL – or even a mini ultra slow-motion camera to see the goal scoring opportunities. The German League Footballuses even technology augmented reality to present various graphical elements, such as alignments of computers and statistics, as if he really could see inside the stadium.Is used five additional cameras in the stadium for production in 9:16. These cameras are of professional broadcast is turned using special tripods to achieve high-quality results and, in a room separate control, the monitors also turned 90 degrees. With this technical configuration, ‘ the quality standard of the DFL is also ensured in the format 9:16, even in Ultra HD,” says the entity.

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