‘The girls on the wire’, by stepping too much on insurance

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there Was a time in which the idea of Netflix to do a Spanish series sounded impossible, or that outside for the simple fact that your arrival to our country never ended up realized. Finally, the company landed here and in addition made shortly after the start of its bid for the production of titles in non-English-speaking –‘Club of Crows’, his first fiction in English, premiered on August 7, 2015-.

as early As in 2016, it was the turn of ‘Marseille’, its first european series, and that same year also launched ‘7 years old’, the first Spanish film. Shortly before the premiere of this last comenzó shot ‘the girls on The wire’ the first Spanish series for Netflix, the result of an agreement with Bamboo, the production company behind titles such as ‘Velvet’ or ‘Great Hotel’. This is something that is perceived to watching the series. In fact, note too, both for good as for evil.

A small step forward in Spain, back to Netflix

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[[update: {“text”:”from here you will find some spoilers of the first six episodes of the series“}]]

The fact of betting on different things was one of the keys to that Netflix would in his time, that aura that everything that I did worth. That is something that has been diluted to extent that diversificaba your bet to continue to grow and now also seeks access to the public who simply want to keep comfortable within what you already know and like. That is ‘the girls on The wire’, although with a number of nuances that should not be ignored.

The most prominent is that ‘the girls on The cable’ breaks with the tyranny of the excessive length of the Spanish series, an essential requirement for the chains of our country, but what is more important is that it also does so with the need to stretch artificially the frames until limits exasperating. In fact, it is a curious sensation to see how it all moves forward with a pace american with some Spanish forms. Luxurious, but Spanish.

Here it is true that with just six episodes seen already begin to tire the comings and goings of the characters of Blanca Suárez and Yon González, but it is something that makes sense within what you are looking for the series, as it does not leave of to be the heart emotional of the same. Yes, there are female empowerment and the rationale is to have the difficulties of their female protagonists to get rid, but the great point of interest for a certain sector of the public will be that romantic triangle between the three actors in ‘The internship’. At least I saw more loose than usual Martiño Rivas.

‘Las chicas del cable’, a proud series of Bamboo

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Because, yes, ‘the girls on The wire’ is a production of Bamboo is proud to be. Everything is pretty colorful, even more than in other cases to have had a budget more generous, and less footage to fill in, and backslide in practice as a musical selection that I did not finish to fit or redundant -and in a timely manner irritating – use of the voice-overs.

And that is that we are not before a series really ambitious, but to an evolution of what already seen in fictions such as ‘Velvet’, an intermediate step essential to be able to aspire to greater heights. That means that everything is very obvious, with numerous underlined so that everything is as clear as possible, and the importance of their history is greater on the paper than what was actually reflected on the screen.

What can you conclude from all this?, Therefore, that ‘the girls on The wire’ is a bet on insurance, leaving a certain margin, as in the speed at which it progresses the story or the duration of the episodes, not to fall into being more of the same but at the same time trying to engage those who in the background only like this.

Ana Polvorosa Ana Fernandez Girls Cable

A point of balance is almost impossible – how do you capture the sector of the public that is not interested in ‘Velvet’ or ‘Gran Hotel’ and at the same time keep happy to your followers?- in the end, winning the second. At the end, ‘The girls of the cable’ has nothing of revolutionary, as even their frames on the liberation of women sound to as views -in particular Nadia de Santiago, which has a character more poor what we’ve seen until now-perhaps never in such a concentrated form and it may not in that particular scenario, yes.

we Leave aside the warm portrait of the political landscape because it is also not really what you are interested in -in fact, the phone-hacking has served more as a catalyst of the relationship between the characters of Ana Polvorosa and Ana Fernandez than anything else-since what you are looking for ‘girls of the cable’ is to be a pastime of luxury to a type of very specific audience. Do you belong to the same? Since you’re already taking a long time to see it, and surely that is the main goal of Netflix with it.

In my case, the I’ve never managed to connect too much with the touch Bamboo for a lot of you know how to recognize their virtues, and with ‘The girls ‘ the wire’ has made me happen the same thing. At least it is easier to see and plant seeds that are interesting about what might be to come, but it is a series that moves for a few territories already explored in Spain and I hope for the following to play something more with what they can give us. Come on, is not bad, but very much geared to an audience that did not belong.

Xataka | ‘The girls of the cable’ review: the debut English Netflix has the intense aroma of Bamboo

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‘The girls on the wire’, by stepping too much on insurance
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April 29, 2017

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