‘The Good Fight’ embrace the change of the age Trump to continue to be one of the best series in emission

'The Good Fight' embrace the change of the age Trump to continue to be one of the best series in broadcast

The end of ‘The Good Wife’ left a void in the hearts of many seriéfilos -and that last season was perhaps the least good of all-. It was a series great, and the idea of spin-off raised some doubts. ‘The Good Fight’ soon cleared to show the same virtues as its predecessor but without leaving in any moment the sensation of seeing a simple repetition.

After two great seasons, ‘The Good Fight’ has decided to embrace the complex without the was a Trump, which has resulted in some changes that some of your followers might not receive you with open arms. For my part, I see a logical evolution and I’m happy with the six episodes already made. So much so that I firmly believe that remains one of the best series in issue.

The factor Blum

Rose Leslie Michael Sheen

The arrival of Michael Sheen to ‘The Good Fight’ has brought major changes. We were already accustomed to the characters eccentric, but his Roland Blum goes beyond that and can be abrasive. I don’t have nothing to object to those who do not simply accept a character of these features in the universe of the series. It is comfortable to stay with what you already know works. For my part I think that is the answer to a need.

The presence of Donald Trump in the White House was already noted in the first two seasons, but its importance is escalating here. is The inclusion of Blum’s what it takes to take it all to another level. He represents these policies and methods are questionable to get anything, and your attitude has gone to pollute to a certain extent in others.

The Good

He is the one that breaks this stability that has always defined the series, even when one of his characters was in a limit situation. By now it has already led to exit, hopefully temporary, of Maia and its goings-on are already allowing you to advance positions in the firm. All in all, I am clear that it is a character of travel limited, but it will be very juicy to see the consequences of their step for the series.

in the meantime, let’s enjoy with the genius that is Sheen in his role, because the actor simply borda which the King put at its disposal. In addition, his chemistry with Sarah Steele -wonderful the moment in which he starts to sing – it is undeniable. That you fall ill or you don’t like what he has done to the tone of the series is a different matter, but the comparisons with other faults of the King, as the former of Kalinda on ‘The Good Wife’ I see totally out of place.

‘The Good Fight’ is still a delight

Maia The Good Fight

In parallel, Diane has been carried away by his activism against Trump. As it was, but the damage suffered by Kurt has taken him to another level and she has made it clear to Blum, who has no problem in becoming what he is to be able to take it out of the way. Your weight as a moral compass has fallen, but on some occasions, what really matters is the result.

Another important aspect of this third season is that their creators have recovered a weapon comic essential in ‘BrainDead’, a series that deserved a much better fate. At the beginning you can run into, especially for the novelty, but it soon becomes clear that it is a success within this bet the King to bring a little more to end the series.

Until now, everything had been very sober, even the most comic, but here we have more open.

beyond that, maybe take a bit needs to be a greater presence of cases episodic, as one of the great virtues of the series was to balance its presence with a history of more long-term. In the sixth there has been one very eye-catching that it has been handled rather better than other times that the King had resorted to his version of real people, but in himself knows little. Or has more development, so I have it clear, or you just missed something.

We still have another four episodes of this third season and I’m already looking forward to seeing them, and is that ‘The Good Fight’ has managed to get out of your comfort zone to explore better the intricacies of the was a Trump, and by now the result is as good or better than any we had seen in the series up to now.

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‘The Good Fight’ embrace the change of the age Trump to continue to be one of the best series in emission
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April 19, 2019

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