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Porfirio Diaz (Abstract)

The government of Porfirio Diaz and its consequences (1876 – 1911)

transition the nineteenth century into the twentieth century, the regime of General Porfirio Diaz began to come to an end. Porfirio Diaz assumed power in the platform name liberal regime which implemented the political immobility. During his government would break the Mexican Revolution. Biography of Porfirio Diaz


The government of Porfirio Diaz The 1876-1911 period was characterized by the dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz, responsible for the development of Mexican capitalism. His government was supported by the Mexican aristocracy and capital of foreign companies, these alliances led their unpopular policies. Acted supported by an army that possessed a political function and the Catholic Church.


the main base of support to the dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz “Porfiariato” was the class called latinfundista, these were the main beneficiaries of government policy, which eliminated the ejido (communal lands of indigenous origin) making possible the highest concentration of land by Mexican landowners and the formation of large numbers of peasants exploited. The country was in the hands of the rural aristocracy, mines, trade, banks and industries were few concessions to foreign capital, mainly American (United States of America). Thus, the “Porfiriato” (Porfirio Diaz) was a political result of a social pact between the landowners and foreign capital, as was the case in general in the rest of Latin America.
Political power: This social pact, which had its head in the shape of porphyry Diaz, was the endorsement of the “social peace” and interclass qie ensured the dominance of the landowners on the peasant population. Porfirio Diaz won the “pax Diaz” among many “chiefs” farm while they fiercely repressed social outcasts imposed by your system.
Status: This State Diaz was administered a civil-military bureaucracy was inspired by European positivism, the so-called “scientists” who believed society to regeciar authoritatively, from top to bottom.
The Church: Mexican Church always played an important political role in the History of the Country of Mexico. However, this power is affected by the so-called Age of Reforms (1854-1876) when the Church lost considerable part of his power, mainly by liberal policies adoccion of their land confiscated. This Mexican church was extremely proud of its colonial past, which played a key role in the child support Spanish Empire. Now, as in the colonial era, his main responsibility was to inspire popular conformism to the domain of the aristocratic class.

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The government of Porfirio Diaz
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