The great fraud Hitler diaries

The great fraud Hitler diaries

There was once a bunch of rascals who drove Hitler diaries and assumptions that were evident before the whole world. This is his story.

not it can only be a great source of wealth for humanity with its application and in order not to repeat their events more unfortunate, but that wealth can also be material: no more think of objects that cost millonadas for their involvement in historical events of relevance , a price they are willing to pay collectors able to afford it. There are charlatans who falsify historical objects to swindle anyone interested in taking them

so much so that some advanced charlatans, unable to lay hands on one of these valuable objects, decide to create them with the clear intention of duping those collectors or anyone who, for whatever, would be interested done with them. It is what happened no less than suspects Adolf Hitler , an imposture that ended colors sacándole more than one .

daily false bogey of the twentieth century

the details of something so href=”” unfortunate as World War II have fascinated historians and simple fans historiography, and including, the personality of a fatuous dangerous as Hitler. Taking advantage of this, the German Konrad Kujau, fled East Germany in 1957, undertook a series of lucrative counterfeit belongings Führer after life have been basically going in and out of prison for robbery and some other fraud. Konrad Kujau counterfeited and sold early paintings, poems and manuscripts attributed to Adolf Hitler

So, sold to various collectors from a helmet , he said, he had been used by Hitler in the Battle of Ypres href=”” First World war up early paintings, poems and manuscripts of Mein Kampf , all false, and invented that had several sources in East Germany that provided all this , where it was prohibited exports made before 1945, as a museum director who had bribed a former Nazi general and even his own brother, usually on the other side of the wall objects.

Hitler Diaries

Konrad Kujau and fake Hitler diaries –

for the manuscripts, he strove to imitate very well the letter of the dictator, aged folios modern with tea prepared stationery and even letterheads . Most of them were sold to Fritz Stiefel, a collector of Nazi memorabilia; and he says Kujau handed him borrow one of the daily cases of Hitler and in 1975. But according to Wolfgang Schulze, American agent Kujau, it began producing them in 1976, and this work Kujau own delayed until 1978. Kujau said the reporter Gerd Heidemann who had located the 26 volumes of the diaries of Adolf Hitler

as account after one month practicing to nail the old gothic letter Hitler , reflected a number of his royal appointment as a diary with German ink, mixing blue and black with water to make it more fluid in ua stack of notebooks he had acquired in East Berlin. The first, as was customary, acquired a collector who contacted the German journalist Gerd Heidemann with Kujau .

This he said he had located the twenty volumes constituted the diaries of Adolf Hitler himself, as well as paintings and an opera composed in his youth and something as amazing as one third of the Mein Kampf . All this was in the hands of an elderly general of East Germany, and it was possible to bring it contraband. And after a meeting of Heidemann with owners Stern , a weekly German magazine, buying entire batch was allowed


Hitler Diaries

Gerd Heidemann with ‘Stern’ and fake Hitler diaries –

Kujau prepared to complete falsification of the daily Fuhrer, work that took him about two years. To top it off with each, he was placed on the deck a wax seal of an eagle and stamped them the false signature of Rudolf Hess, minister of the Nazi regime, which “certifying” the authorship of Hitler. And it came to what happens when two rogues are linked: every 85,000 frames magazine apoquinaba by false diaries, Heidemann gave only 50,000 to Kujau and the rest left; and at a given moment, he raised the price to 200,000 frames with the excuse that the general had to pay a few bribes to ensure the contraband. The magazine ‘Stern’ contacted other media as ‘Time’ ‘Paris Match’ or ‘El Pais’ to publish newspapers together

as Stern contacted by other means to publish the papers together, as the journal Time , Newsweek , the Sunday Times , Paris Match or El País , Heidemann sent him manuscripts to several experts in the Second World War that would confirm whether they were authentic : Eberhard Jäckel, Gerhard Weinberg and Hugh Trevor-Roper gave a press conference in April 1983 and they said that undoubtedly the newspapers were written by Hitler .

Meanwhile, the editor of Stern had contacted police forensic Germany to the analyze and in March 1983, had informed him that the role of certain samples had been manufactured with a system that began to be used not before 1946 , but the publisher had decided to hide this information and, after approval of Trevor-Roper, they began publishing newspapers around the world when a new report claimed that had found in them traces of synthetic fibers used from 1944 and compounds 1953 onwards . Kunjau had copied a book of speeches by Hitler adding personal comments

later, Trevor-Roper changed his mind to know that historian Nazi David Hirving had denied its authenticity on television by inaccurate historical data and differences with calligraphy dictator. And two weeks after the press conference, another forensic examination revealed that both the paper and the ink used dating back long after Hitler’s suicide . Then it was discovered also that Kunjau had copied a book of his speeches adding personal comments.

Hitler Diaries

Cover of ‘Stern’ and ‘Time ‘on the daily assumptions Hitler

When the scandal broke, fled the type, but chose to surrender after a few weeks to learn that Heidemann had also swindled to him by not pay him his due. To top it off, he said that the journalist had always been aware that the diaries were a forgery. Trevor-Roper, on the other hand, he was accused of dishonest because it was one of the investors of The Sunday Times . And Stern said it had paid half more than nine million marks, about four million euros , to get the papers, and calculated that its total losses disrepute and others amounted to nineteen million marks, about ten million euros. Kujau fled, but surrendered to learn that Heidemann had also cheated him by not paying what corresponded

The issue you reported to Kujau a sentence of four years and six months in prison; more Heidemann, who was sentenced to four years and eight months in the shade and ended up living in poverty. Edith Lieblang, Kujau couple, spent a year in prison as an accomplice; and from this imbroglio, opponents in Trevor-Roper Cambridge, whose title was Lord Dacre, began calling him Lord Faker, “forger”. So, as you can see, in the great fraud Hitler diaries were all .


The great fraud Hitler diaries
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March 1, 2016

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