The green icon of battery in the Note 7: what it is and how to remove it

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it Seems that it is becoming fashionable this of “the curse of the year”, and that is last year it was Qualcomm and its Snapdragon 810 (you know, that processor that promises to warm thyself in the house a little to put a game), and in 2016, has also been warm (easy joke) with the Galaxy Note 7 and its battery.

While we wait to see what is the curse of next year, Samsung has put a solution to this problem is to blow of a program return world that is costing more than 1,000 million dollars. To differentiate the Note 7 defective from the normal Samsung has launched a update via OTA in the one that changes the battery icon to put it in a green color.

What utility has the green icon of battery?

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As we said before, Samsung released an update via OTA, which has begun to be distributed today by the united States and Canada and that it shouldn’t take long to reach the rest of the countries, so only 50 MB weight changed the battery icon to fill it in green instead of white, the standard color of Google.

to be able To put the icon of this color have obtained the exclusive permission of Google given the special circumstances of this case. This upgrade is used to distinguish the terminals, the defective normal, being the latter those who would receive such a change. Notice that the security patch is not changed in this FOOTNOTE.

The terminals defective that receive this upgrade will not change the battery icon color green, but each time you shut down or start the device, you will see a recoratorio to turn off the phablet, keep it in a box and change it for a normal one. Apparently Samsung already have the enough stock to cover all the cases of terminals defective.

The only purpose of the green icon of battery is, therefore, to differentiate between a Note 7 normal one defective. This icon will appear in the notification bar, the screen ‘Always On’ and in the shutdown menu of the device, as shown in the picture above.

can I delete this icon green or waive the upgrade?

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In terms of to give up the update, apparently it is not possible (anyway, the only reason that they would relinquish this OTA is because you hate the green icons, which is the only thing that changes) because it is a mandatory update. Another thing is that you can postpone it because you’re outside of a Wi-Fi network, but in principle it is not possible to renounce to this update.

Then, if someone hates the green icon of battery, how would you change the color? The answer to this would be the root and, after that, go to modules Xposed or custom ROMs, taking advantage of the terminal is not yet with Android Nougat (the point at which the root would be even more difficult to get).

it would Also be possible, if the developers have worked on it, to find ‘mods’ to be installed as an apk ordinary and plain or you can flash a recovery that allows you to customize the battery icon (and perhaps the whole notification bar) to put to your taste.

Be that as it may, unless you hate deeply the color green, there would be no reason to take the risk of rooting your device (if it is not already) just to change a little icon that you’ll find at three different sites. In addition, it is a way to differentiate a Note 7 normal one defective much easier than having to look at the IMEI of the device.

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The green icon of battery in the Note 7: what it is and how to remove it
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September 23, 2016

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