THE GT-i9500 could be the code name for the Samsung Galaxy S4

 samsung galaxy s i9500 4 EL GT could be the code name for the Samsung Galaxy S4

A series of rumors and speculations have been mentioned a while ago about the possible launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 , which is not yet known concretely because of the secrecy with which the firm has maintained all along.

A new discussion has begun on the Internet since SamMobile, who would practically saying GT-i9500 model could S4 be the next Galaxy , the discussion begins by mentioning that the Samsung Galaxy S3 was presented at the international version with the code name GT-i9300, which is the example which has come to believe that the information devices filtered GT-i9500 and GT-i9505 could be referring to the upcoming flagship firm.

Superstition in the rumors of the new Samsung Galaxy S4

logically, if the code name for the Samsung Galaxy S3 becomes GT-i9300, then for S4 Galaxy model its code name should be GT-i9400, which under no circumstances could potentially have because one aspect of superstition and bad luck that considers the firm in South Korea. is said number “4” this bad luck in that region, which is why you could never use a code name as mentioned above. Then comes the explanation by these comments, the firm estimated that number would have jumped intentionally into the GT-i9500 to reference the new Galaxy.

Now, you have come to mention two names codes these numbers, they being the GT-i9500 and GT-i9505, the first would be referring to the international model Samsung Galaxy S4 while the second change would be a LTE version thereof. But if this were true superstition then why there should be a reason Galaxy S4 ?, Since this number is used in its name. Anyway all this come to be rumores” begin a series of rumors and speculation that have been generated on the Internet, a situation that will surely be unveiled at the upcoming CES 2013.

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Source – PhoneArena

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THE GT-i9500 could be the code name for the Samsung Galaxy S4
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December 28, 2012

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