The ‘gustazos’ technology that you can have if luck smiles at you with the Fat

A fantasy recurring before the draw for the Christmas Lottery (or when there is a pot more than rich on Euromillions) is to think what one would do if they hit the Jackpot. Come to mind the peace of mind in the form of plugged holes, the money that would be given to the family, the changes to the better (in the economic sense) in the home, possible investment…, but also the quirks that one would buy with fewer problems of conscience than are some products technological premium with the to be the ‘pleasure’ if the next December 22, it touches a little bit considerable.With enough money, the thought leads (never better said) to go to for a new car. Waiting to know what happens in Europe with the futuristic (and peculiar) Cybertruck, in the realm of the exclusive and prohibitive figure the Tesla Model 3, electric and goes 0 to 100 in 3.4 seconds, has a dual engine, auto-pilot, and a range of 530 kilometers. The vehicle type Performance (with the specifications referred to before) can cost up to 73.730 euros. The standard version, plus comes to the 57,000 euros.Enjoy your leisure time leads you to think in a tv awesome. With the QLED 8K Q950R, Samsung offers a visual experience with 33 million pixels. The apparatus is characterized in addition by the artificial intelligence, machine learning (MSLR), a processor 8K, and the content HDR mastered up to 5,000 nits. If it starts ‘low’, the model of 55 inch is worth 2.999 euros; the 65-inch, 3.999 euro; 75 inches, 5999 euros; and the 82-inch, nearly 10,000 euros. If you still want more size, the version of 98 inches to get to the 69.999 euros (yes, it costs that).Positions to spend without regard, in the field of computers, although its features are focused on professionals and business, the choice would be the new Mac Pro. A team of maximum performance and power of up to 28 cores that stands out for its design author and the feature that its aluminum casing can be removed for 360 degrees of access to the system. Your minimum price is 6.499 (the tower model) and the successive configurations of the taste even comes to exceed the 63,000 euros. To this amount should be added the Pro Display XDR, a retina display, 6K 32-inch (from 5.499 euros, without counting add-ons).Defined by the company as the laptop of the future, the ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo (UX581) has a screen OLED UHD 4K 15.6-inch touchscreen secondary 4K full-width (ASUS ScreenPad Plus), a processor six-core Intel Core i7 (ninth generation), and a graphics card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060. Your price part 2.999 euros.Although it is still not available in Spain (came out in a limited way in China last November), a part of the Lottery money could well be reserved for the Huawei Mate X, whose price is calculated which will be about 2,100 euros, or for the Matte Xs announced for 2020. This is a mobile folding 5G, flexible screen and becomes a tablet.
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The ‘gustazos’ technology that you can have if luck smiles at you with the Fat
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December 20, 2019

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