‘The heroes of evil’, a tough story of teenage revenge produced by Alex de la Iglesia


  • The film tells the story of three young misfits who decide to join and respond violently to anyone who’s ever been humiliated.
  • One of its protagonists, the young Emilio Palacios, won the Special Mention Award to the actor in the past Festival of Malaga.
  • Alex de la Iglesia says is a dramatic and disturbing film.

‘The heroes of evil’, a tough story of teenage revenge produced by Alex de la Iglesia

The filmmaker Zoe Berriatúa acclaimed Spanish short film, debuted in feature films with The heroes of evil a romantic drama about adolescence , on the discovery of love, sex, maturity and pain involved that change.

Jorge Clemente, Beatriz Medina and Emilio Palacios ?? which won the Special Mention Award actor last Malaga Festival ??. give life to Stephen, Sarita and Aritz, three teenagers who meet by a common denominator for all three: are young and are asocial Soon a friendship surrounded by violence, alcohol and drugs arises between them.. This spiral makes three life arising as revenge against anyone who humiliated them in one way or another.

The film was produced by Alex Church, who defines it as dramatic and disturbing. “It’s a good movie, very well run , made with character,” says the filmmaker. “The first thing I liked is that it is made with one goal: to have the time you have to decide who you’re going to be in life, which is left humiliating or humbling, if you will be brave or cowardly, but especially if you want to love and who want to find and define yourself based on that love, “says the winner of the Goya for The Day of the Beast (1995).

” When rejection occurs, the violence occurs, which is simply the absence of love, “said De la Iglesia. “What is Zoe explains how a normal boys soon realize that their only way to survive is together to confront other . Unfortunately, this is how society is based. And that’s frightening and, at the same time is life, “he adds.

On the other hand, Berriatúa indicates the existence of a fourth character, classical music. The director has chosen classical pieces to “clarify and help to understand: Prokofiev, Sibelius, Vivaldi, Khachaturian … I needed the best, with his best works, to tell”.

“If parents want to know where their children breathe , we recommend you to see this movie. I would have loved to see it, because it’s my adolescence, very fictionalized and with rates of violence and crime film and not real ?? ?? warns, but I would saved live all that I lived “Berriatúa is sincere.

” I would recommend it to age 18, not as a guide but as out the black hole that we all have “ says Berriatúa, who still does not believe that the film has been awarded at a handful of festivals and next week travel to San Sebastian, where, incidentally, the new film by De la Iglesia will be screened, My great night , out of competition.


‘The heroes of evil’, a tough story of teenage revenge produced by Alex de la Iglesia
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