The IMEI of Android phones and their importance.

The other day I was messing my phone and I almost over. I’m talking about the poor is in the ICU of service. And all for not knowing a few essential things about the IMEI. So, today I come to tell you about something very important in my opinion should be taken into account when rooting a device, change its ROM and internally messing with our phones.

What is IMEI?

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to any user who does not know, IMEI is an identification number for each terminal. Each phone has its IMEI different, this number is very important because it is responsible for identifying the terminal in the network and connect podernos internet, make and receive calls etc. As a general rule this number starts at: 35 … and continues with a series of 17 being the last 2 numbers separated by a sidebar like this: … / 01

To know what our IMEI we can address our terminal box and in some corner of this must be the IMEI number of your mobile phone, but this is not very advisable. To find our IMEI 100% the right thing is go to our call dialpad and press this sequence: * # 06 #, in the instant you press the last key we will all digits.

The IMEI is one of the most important parts of our terminal. If for any reason you delete or lose the IMEI There is NO way to recover for ourselves. The only possible solution to the loss of IMEI is to send it in for repair or technique (SAT) of each manufacturer for them to recover and expect this into warranty repair.

My problem with the IMEI.

Luckily I am in possession of one of the terminal but still something old today of the most powerful global market, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. One day while using my phone for music, jumped on my screen a message that was not used to see in my terminal, it was an update from Samsung. Bring up an update message for any normal user would not be strange, I thought it was weird because Samsung not allow updates on their mobiles if they are rooteados and mine was.

After leaving my surprise proceeded to accept the update. When the phone is turned to start it felt pretty slow, and I had deleted the account data all my apps like twitter and facebook. I thought it was time to give it a formatting since, roughly once every six months, I like to erase all data and leave it as new. I went online and found a forum talking about how to stop the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Factory Hard Reset making it a stock rom through Odin.

After proceeding to make the hard reset my phone was perfectly restored. Imagine my surprise when I realized after putting the data in Gmail, my phone could not receive calls . I had no idea what had happened, I had faced before problems with odin and had solved without many setbacks, but this never happened and did not know what was the mistake.

After investing many hours a day in investigating the internet in search of a solution the most I could do was identify the problem. Impressively my phone did not have its IMEI, I found that this was true after using the phone dial pad and put * # 06 #.

What would do now?, my phone did not have IMEI, and those long hours spent on the internet made me see that there was no way to recover once lost. Unfortunately, after cleaning the proof that my device was rooteado I had to send my precious Note 2 to a Samsung Service (SAT) which are characterized by their speed working I made my terminal be without a three weeks.

How do I prevent this from happening?

As I said before once lost is irretrievable, the only thing you can do to combat the loss of our IMEI number is a backup or backup of the folder in which it is stored. If you are a root user I recommend you take your super useful terminal application is called Root explorer.

Application on Google Play

Root explorer is not a file manager like that can bring any terminal natively but with the added feature of being an application root, this means that we access ALL folders in our mobile no matter what the manufacturer has divulged. After having downloaded the app Root Explorer and we go to the root folder of your mobile phone in which folders are all terminal.

there as we see in the photograph is EFS folder, if you enter it you will see many more folders with strange names, my recommendation is that no much in touch EFS folder so it can happen, for the curious I leave this picture. Now you do! To make the backup is as simple as letting down the efs folder and give COPY, repeat COPY, be very careful NOT to give CUT or you will automutilando your terminal.

After you copy the folder anywhere you can stick it in you to remember that you will be, my recommendation is to copy this folder our SD card if we are able to do so and in a folder on your PC . So once copied, we have our backup made and securely.

Note : It is very important to remember the whereabouts of this folder and keep well in a site to remember and if I ever need to use it to restore our IMEI and can not remember where we got forced to lose sight of our terminal for a few weeks.

How to recover my IMEI in case you lose?

With our backup IMEI and can be calm. If we lost our IMEI is as simple as making a backup in reverse: go to the whereabouts of our backup, we give copy and paste the folder where it was before EFS letting on type all data. Once attached the EFS folder restart your terminal when turned back on will have restored data ​​strong> and can connect to the internet, make and receive calls again.

I think this backup method is the simplest, as always in the great world of android a thousand apps for everything. Also There applications that copies of IMEI for lost and she is responsible for loading the IMEI again, but I think the method I taught you better because if you make a backup off the phone is insured in case I deleted the data is terminal.

If you have something to say about the loss of our IMEI number will be waiting your comments!

This article was written by Adrian Gallardo , if you liked even so do / let us know!

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