The Importance of Being Number Six


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Now that the word remake is a bit in the doldrums after the great profusion of projects that focus on recover classics and based much of its foundation in parasitize a success that allows them to live for a while; we can not help but look back with a lot of nostalgia series that delved us into this to go crazy with international fiction .

We are in 2003 and little could imagine the Syfy channel with ‘Battlestar Galactica ‘put their bit in the history of the best fiction with production not only brought us huge battles through space; but that would put into question the human epic with characters that made us rethink again and again what we are and what we do . One of them was Number Six


The evolution Cylon

Mankind has thrived. So, that technological development has created beings, machines, robots, of which leverage their effort and work. And it is so well made that have evolved into intelligent beings that rise up the role of slavery that men have given them. So the war between men and Cylon begins.

Battlestar Galactica

40 years after the First Cylon War, men have found peace and stability. Until she appears. Until the encounter occurs with the terrible “toasters” and Tricia Helfer becomes the dream that holds so much beauty and horror. His first appearance, wrapped in a red slinky dress is one of the most iconic images of the series.

Now, the Cylons have reached the human appearance. They have developed twelve models that look like people. They can penetrate into the fleet of humanity that so diminished after the attack on the Twelve Colonies. They are able to seduce and deceive human bobos to follow their purposes. But To what extent can “imitate” his humanity, his feelings, his empathy? Number Six is ​​about to find out.

Number Six to Caprica

Number Six plays a key role in Galactica. She it is responsible for seducing Gaius Baltar , the brilliant scientist who, without realizing it, (is too busy with his own pleasures) triggers the exodus of humanity in search of salvation. Number Six is ​​so amazingly attractive as intelligent, but it is not good for her, because he lives a permanent internal struggle.

Battlestar Galactica Baltar Six

for his achievements in the war against humanity, Number Six is ​​a hero among the community cylon, passing call that copy the model six Caprica. Because there are many copies of each model and not all are equal. personality is forged through the experiences experience playing them. Thus, Caprica, the Cylon that throws everything feels guilty.

Crapica live in frustration and desire. The pity and sympathy for the human species makes you abhor their own actions. Admire the ability of men to feel and develop relationships with others. I wish I could love. He does not know that, actually, as it does, it is already more human than many. Caprica is one that opens the philosophical debate that encloses a series like ‘Galactica’, which makes us wonder what we are and what our responsibility toward what we create.

Caprica is one of the most positive characters, its incredible evolution makes us to hope on the relationship between Cylon and human. He has faith. Believe in the plan and redemption, someone who can guide them better. And believe in that Gaius Baltar who dwells in his head and not let them advance. Unaware that she also lives in the mind of the scientist and that your love will be one of the most powerful advantages for all this has already happened and then move .

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The Importance of Being Number Six
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July 27, 2016

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