The importance of International Mother Language Day

The importance of International Mother Language Day

The International Mother Language Day is celebrated on February 21, was established by UNESCO with the aim of p...

The International Mother Language Day is celebrated on February 21, was established by UNESCO with the aim of promoting multilingualism and cultural diversity.

The term default language refers to the first language or language that a person learns. It is called “mother” because it is the woman who transmits it to the children. Also refers to the language known better in the case of children of parents with different languages ​​or in the case of a person who knows many languages. Like, a language naturally acquired pedagogical intervention without.

The importance of the mother tongue, UNESCO explains, is one that deserves much thought and attention. First, languages ​​are of incalculable cultural wealth, this is nothing less than a unique way of interpreting reality, a cultural rather than joint identity, social integration, communication. Also, UNESCO recognizes that:

Because of the processes of globalization, weighs about languages ​​an increasing threat or, in some cases, some are completely disappearing. With the extinction of languages ​​also diminishes the rich tapestry of cultural diversity. Opportunities, traditions, memory, unique modes of thought and expression, valuable resources for a better future.

15th Anniversary

This year are lost turn 15 of shares and “operational monitoring structure” that makes the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Each year, since 2000, have been the subject to different cultural aspects that highlights the value and care for the mother tongues

2015 the issue is Inclusive education through language and with it – Languages ​​matter. It is a very complicated and important issue due to the work that lies ahead. teacher training, social awareness and integration of quality educational materials


To learn more about the mother tongue and the richness of these can visit the site href=”” Endangered lenguages ​​, “a project for the preservation and documentation of languages ​​around the world.” On that site explains that of the 7000 languages ​​spoken today is expected that 50% disappear before the next century.

Al die again language, we lose centuries of knowledge and traditions that have helped shape who we are

It is difficult to get an idea of ​​this problem and the value of a mother tongue that is part of a minority when our mother tongue is one of those privileged languages ​​has many speakers and has been incorporated into educational systems. For others, however, their language represents a minority, has few speakers and leave aside to incorporate a dominant language.

In Memory

February 21 was established as the International Mother Language Day recognition of a sad fact: death of two college students at the hands of the police the progress of the Language Movement in Bangladesh in 1952 (formerly East Pakistan). The well known Bengali Language Movement emerged with the search for recognition of Bengali language as the official language of Pakistan.


Here is Querétaro

Many countries have a special program to celebrate this day is sought promote linguistic and cultural diversity. For example, in Mexico, in different cities have activities for all audiences, as in Yucatán, DF, Guadalajara. Also in Spain, in Peru, in Chile. Finally, it is important reflection and awareness on this issue, as well as recognition to those whose mother tongue is a minority that is facing a difficult scenario if not given importance it deserves.


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