The importance of MirrorLink Our vehicles

You can tap the potential of our smartphone in the system infoentretenmiento our vehicle

Not the first time you read about MirrorLink and not the last. It takes exactly two years hovering over our heads integrating this service in cars. Not long ago it was almost a mystical application, with which a vast application and infotainment systems promised world.

The reality has been different for common sense, since application inflate our cars screens You can have a tragic ending. It is clear that technological potential, today, you could do a screen dump of any smartphone on the big screens fitted to existing vehicles, with only connect with a specific wire to send and to receive data.

However, that would imply a distraction constant and what is even more serious, would lead to terrible accidents to be paying attention to the display of cars. We set the example that you could see the popular messaging application WhatsApp. Think for a moment what it would mean, for more than one center of serious attention the above screen and the road would become secondary.

Therefore, and with very good faith, brands of cars with the three major platforms, as far as operating systems are concerned, they are making great efforts to select and certify applications that might otherwise be used in a car, with the MirrorLink technology.

iOS , Android and Windows Phone are committed to regularize this fact in their respective app stores. And now, with the MirrorLink system can display only certified applications that are installed on your smartphone.

The future is here and is called MirrorLink

We installed these applications in the mobile phone, connect to MirrorLink system and the display of the car we can handle only the applications suitable for moderate distracted driving . And what about WhatsApp and Facebook? It is working on it and have already appeared the first applications to read the messages you send messages or collecting the phrases we relate orally inside the vehicle. The problem with this is the way of synthesis and we write in these applications, especially in WhatsApp. Often reducing our vocabulary and words with letters or eliminating vowels, when narrating orally sounds … weird.

After MirrorLink test different systems in different automotive brands, my conclusion has always It has been the same: was the logical evolution of infotainment systems in our cars. Realize the potential of the current smartphone on a screen, mirroring

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The importance of MirrorLink Our vehicles

The importance of MirrorLink Our vehicles
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