‘The incredible weekend the waning moon’: a drama kind with time travel and not too much wit

'The incredible weekend the waning moon': a drama kind with time travel and not too much wit

I continue to be amazed that time travel are one of the topics recurrent in the cinema of fantasy and science-fiction, when you are, possibly, authentic fields of mines to the logic and credibility, and develop them with true mimo. And when their leaders do not have the knowledge or the enthusiasm appropriate, believe that it is enough to look the other way and hope that things will solve themselves. An attitude that, Marty McFly knows it well, never leads to anything good.

So what has made a film very recent and very blockbuster saying that “time travel does not work like in the movies” (although, of course, does not explain how do). But luckily for her, you can invest the enough hype and build up so much noise at one end and the other of the trip as to supplement their ramshackle (i)logic space-time. ‘The incredible weekend waning’ it’s not pay too much attention to the subject, but unfortunately did not have as many resources to distract the viewer.

The excuse of the film’s debutant Jon Mikel Caballero is that there are no scientific elements in his film, but that is a fantasy in the key of morality tale: the main character (Iria del Río) is a young immature you are about to enter the thirties and going to a rural house for your family to spend a weekend with a group of friends. Once there, overwhelmed by a series of twists that are not expected (of a possible break some news that will give your colleagues that leave evidence of their lack of preparedness for the difficulties of adult life), is dipped in a loop that will repeat time and again a day, each time lasts less.

there is No explanation for this loop, that’s pure lack of tangibility or justification to the argument comes to possess elements that are almost dreamlike (in the style of another of his main influences, ‘hey, Forget about me!’): simply, the main character wanders through an old armaments factory and the time restarts from the same point. is What is vague and a little tight on the approach could have given rise to a film that has been raised since the wonder, but Knight does not end to be involved in their own fiction, and sometimes introduces elements more typical of science-fiction, such as the possibility of understanding the loop clock and calculator in hand, or certain conventions, such as the learning through repetition and the inevitable sketch on a whiteboard.

‘The incredible weekend the waning moon’: a journey in the time of very short tour

There is an excellent idea in the film: the loop in time, an idea that borrowed from clear referents such as ‘Trapped in time’ or, in key more sophisticated argumentalmente, ‘The edge of tomorrow’, but with the encouragement of the parentheses temporary is slowly reduced. In front of the film, Harold Ramis, where the tedium of Bill Murray is reinforced by the feeling of the protagonist being caught in an infinite loop, Gentleman proposed here is a countdown: the loop lasts, every time you restart, one hour less. That countdown is enhanced by an excellent idea of mise en scene: the screen is becoming more and more narrow, which transmits well the feeling of suffocation time trial of the heroin.

however, as mentioned previously, Knight doesn’t end of being interested in this proposal, a more sophisticated and wandering through the twists and turns moral of the protagonist trying to “improve” with each reboot, after you take advantage of the circumstances to squeeze out the feast with your friends. There is no explanation for this change of purpose of the main protagonist, mainly because the script has not raised to the heroin as someone who had to redeem himself so clearly as the protagonist of ‘Trapped in time’.


In this way, the viewer disconnects from the drama raised by a Knight because he can’t stop asking questions that question the verisimilitude of the story: why is it so important to change your attitude to it? Why this loop is so exact in some things and so diffuse in others? why is the narrative of repetition enters in issues such as the water pump or the omelette of tuna, if you do not have any effect narrative?

‘The incredible weekend waning’ is, in the end, with too many items that are pending resolution (the smallest of them all, what we are counting exactly), and it’s a shame because they had a few interesting elements of the game. Some good artistic values and production (the picture is intermittently reminiscent of Tânia da Fonseca, the circular soundtrack of Luis Hernáez, good performances of The Rio and Nadia Santiago…) polished in part an area somewhat neglected: without a doubt, there will be to respond to upcoming proposals of a Knight, when you decide to spend a bit more rigor narrative.

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‘The incredible weekend the waning moon’: a drama kind with time travel and not too much wit
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May 8, 2019

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