‘The industry will focus less on technology and more on creativity’

Hamish Young from Avalanche Studios shares his forecasts for the future of the video game industry.

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From the Avalanche Studios predict a change in the current trend of the industry. In a world where the sector is dominated by issues such as Ray-tracing or Google Stay, Hamish Young expects that the technology is in the background to embrace creative projects.

“In the same way that the graphics are getting better resolutions, noting the difference between 3,000 objects on display and 4,000 objects… well, in theory, you get to a point in which this is also not the limiting factor“, Hamish Young, designer-senior technician of the studio of Just Cause, during an interview with GamesIndustry.biz.

“With the arrival of the indies, it is more important what the game”

“I Think the industry is going to calm down about the curve of technology and will focus more on your creativity and your ingenuity and your point of view, in terms of the types of games that you might see in ten or twenty years,” continues Young. “Because the industry is maturing when it comes to technology.”

In turn, adds: “With the arrival of the indies, it is more important what it is about the game, not how they are running things,” he says. “I think that we will reach a saturation point, maybe not next year or the next, but it will come. Will be a time where it will be how interesting it is to the mechanics of a game, not how many polygons you can put on the screen or how many objects can appear.”

“there Will come a time where what’s interesting will be the mechanics of a game, not their polygons”

In this sense, Young points out what is the goal of Avalanche: “we Want to entertain as much as possible and we want to do great things, do not try to close everything because it might go wrong”.

Always and when it is fun, provided they continue to entertain the player and is not what I expected, then it shall be well“, also points out to a conclusion.

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‘The industry will focus less on technology and more on creativity’

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