The jacket and hope: the symbolism in Jessica Jones

jacket and hope: the symbolism Jessica Jones

This article has great SPOILERS on the latest episodes of the series, read only if you’ve finished viewing or if you do not care to know what happens.

Jessica Jones is the last big production Netflix in 2015, although the streaming giant still has some minor original-built, with this series of Marvel off a great year own content in style. Jessica Jones is in the opinion of many, the best thing that has not only Netflix, but Marvel. It has everything, is formidably written, the performances were from another world, the plot can deal with sensitive issues uniting fantasy universe of superheroes without being ridiculous and cheap clichés, and also is full of symbolism that only add more depth to the story told .

Uniform heroin

 symbolism in Jessica Jones

In a bygone era Jessica, mainly convinced by her best friend Trish, decides to use his powers to help people. Almost convinces also wear a ridiculous costume hero spandex fact that knowing your personality and know Jessica seemed a completely stupid idea. In comics, Jessica if it becomes for a time “Jewel” a superhero who uses a skintight white dress and a mask. In the series however, we never see such an act completely out of character, but the career of Jessica as heroin if it comes to an end in the same way. Kilgrave

However, in adapting Netflix Jessica if you have a symbolic suit their own uniform heroin, his armor, a piece of clothing that almost never removed: leather jacket . It’s funny, in a moment when you’ve seen at least half a dozen episodes you say “this woman always wears the same clothes.” It is interesting because we are used to seeing superheroes wear flashy costumes and stories usually devote some time to the merger between the secret identity and disguise. Jessica completely breaks with that tradition, does not care to hide his identity, because is not interested in going out to save the world. His suit heroin works just as personal protection, is a symbolic barrier between Jessica and the other , something behind which hide and feel safe, and if we look closely, removes only in moments of vulnerability as when sleeping, talks to Trish so intimate, as Luke has sex with a man who has feelings toward , and when disguised to go unnoticed and not be recognized by Kilgrave (also the accused of having a terrible taste in clothes).

Hope Shlottman

 jessica jones symbolism in

Another interesting symbolism that uses Jessica Jones, is the character of Hope Shlottman, this woman literally called “Hope” and Jessica spends 80% of the series trying to save her at all costs. Hope is basically the main reason for not flee Jessica Kilgrave, to confront him, but above all not to allow this ruthless man again become a killer.

We know that a of the things that upsets Jessica is the guilt he feels for killing Reva, even though it was under mind control Kilgrave, Jessica haunts the memory of the woman who died in their hands. Not only is terrified what Kilgrave can do to it, which causes most fear is what Jessica Kilgrave be able to command him to do another, and how terrible it can be your skills in the hands of such sick.

Jessica clings to the idea Kilgrave catch and not kill him to prove the innocence of Hope and get her out of prison. Against all logic of survival and advice from anyone, Jessica does not believe that killing is the answer, will not. Refused again become a killer , it refuses to Kilgrave force it to be a killer. Not until Jessica Hope commits suicide abandons the hope of solving the problem without blood stained hands , is when you decide you must die Kilgrave


The jacket and hope: the symbolism in Jessica Jones
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December 2, 2015

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