The japanese players have tended to Pokémon Sword in the stores

editing Sword has sold more units in Japan than the Shield, standing as the favorite among consumers.

With Pokémon Sword and Shield by adding 6 million copies sold in its first week on sale and become, as well, in the game that most quickly sold in its launch within the catalog of Switch, now we know what the issue is with the most popular being: the players, at least in Japan, are leaning predominantly by Pokémon Sword.

through a report published by Dengeki in Japan, sales in the physical format of the game in the territory japanese have been greater in the case of the edit Pokémon Sword. Therefore, have covered the analysis of the total 1.3 million units sold and have not been taken into account the data of the sales from the eShop, since Nintendo has not given concrete data in this respect.

According to the breakdown, the double issue (includes the two versions of the game) has sold 254.612 units. The version Pokémon Sword has sold 499.753 copies. Finally, Pokémon Shield has sold 247.629 units.

we do Not have similar data that allow us to understand how to divide sales between the two versions in Europe and America, but it is foreseeable that the players have opted for similar choices.

The game has already reached all over the world

The game has just reach shops, with impressive results: it is the game Switch more quickly sold in markets such as Japan, the United Kingdom, or Spain. In fact, it has already surpassed the 6 million copies sold.

The team, which has been criticized for not introducing the entire roster of creatures from the origin of the saga, but has gotten a lot of surprises and details that the players will discover little by little.

By the time you can know more with our analysis:

japanese players have tended to Pokémon Sword in the stores

The japanese players have tended to Pokémon Sword in the stores
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November 24, 2019

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