The keys to the new The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

the ace in the sleeve of Nintendo, the game that will make the transition from the disastrous sales pace Wii U and the new project Nintendo NX. This also is the game of The Legend of Zelda most ambitious and far western. These are all key

Announced more than three years ago, we had to wait until E3 2016 to see actual gameplay of the new The Legend of Zelda:. Breath of the Wind. Through the official streaming Nintendo Treehouse, they have shown several hours of play, touring one of the initial areas of adventure and detailing some of the many changes and developments we see in the delivery of Wii U and NX.

We followed every second of the broadcast and desgranamos the main innovations of the next adventure of Link:

  • the start of the game breaks the mold so far seen in franchise . We are more alone than ever and we have not a shred of information about what is our duty or what we call in the middle of the Chapel of the Resurrection. The opening scene straight out of an anime and offers a clear contrast between the grim awakening Link and exit to the sunny Hyrule.

  • Yes, the area that we cover in the demonstration was , once the center of the kingdom Hyrule , now in decline. Like what happened in The Legend of Zelda:. The Wind Waker and a clear connection with the first The Legend of Zelda released on NES

  • In the middle of a ruined cathedral , shown in the presentation, have seen the so-called Guardians, strange enemies as it saw in the first trailer of the game.

  • the adventure incorporates many common elements in video games survival : we can get and cook foods to increase their healing properties -yes, we heal eating-, cutting down trees and collecting wood that turn a fire, chopping ore minerals or hunt animals.

  • Nintendo has said that, although we can hunt animals, can survive on vegetables, if desired player.

  • the narrative, in the words of Aonuma, will be less driven than ever and the story will be told in a less obvious way . Each player will learn about the world and its history at your own pace, based on exploration and decisions. A major break with tradition in the franchise and hopefully be one of its strengths and not one of his faults, as in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

  • We have not heard dubbing any, nor Link -our protagonist or for NPC found on the show. Only the voice in off that asks us to wake up at the beginning of the adventure.

  • tap RPG The Legend of Zelda protagonist is more than ever. NPCs now have several answer options.

  • art section , halfway between Wind Waker and seen in Skyward Sword, is inspired by Japanese animation. Visually it is a joy that exudes personality, from designing Link and the world to enemies or light effects or explosions. There are a lot of care in every detail of this immense world that has given us Nintendo.

  • It seems that, unlike in previous installments, we will have access to elements of a wink advanced technology one futuo steampunk the style post-apocalyptic picture that contrasts perfectly with the clear influence of Western RPG on your gameplay . From where wakes Link to Sheikah table, an object that seems key in the development of the game, have some futuristic influence.

  • That same table Sheikah may be used, as a tablet, like a telescope from which point points on the map with a beam of light to know where to turn.

  • As in the Far Cry franchise, for example, can draw on our binoculars to mark enemy at a distance and, among other advantages, to know how much life they have. Also can leave customized map as skulls or exclamation marks to indicate specific areas or points of interest.

  • freedom of movement is one of the major surprises . For the first time in the franchise you can jump in any time, Link will be able to climb almost any terrain or obstacle that is top: from climbing a tree to reach an apple to escape a pit climbing the mountain. The limits will appear to the player. It is a very ambitious bet.

  • Among the various possibilities when we move through the vast territory we find a kind of “parachute” with which cover long distances and the ability to use the shield in certain areas (in the demo, it was used in part nevada) as if it were a snowboard. Surely, to make long journeys from point to point become more enjoyable. It has also been seen in the trailer and the session gameplay , how Link can ride a horse and use a somewhat primitive barges.

  • horse Epona in this case, our faithful mare knows detect trees and other obstacles thanks to its artificial intelligence. This was explained in the first demonstration, a long time ago.

  • The world seems to feel somewhat empty and the main challenge developers will provide the map of sufficient inducements through the plot and rewards exploration. After exponents like The Witcher 3 or recent games From Software, will be easy to throw in lack a greater mime on the ground we walk. Yes, Nintendo claimed to have eliminated many NPC to not reveal story lines.

  • The interface and HUD are very modern and minimalist . No one seems a The Legend of Zelda but is fantastic and combines perfectly with the artistic elements.

  • Link is right-handed for the first time in the series. The reason? The arrangement of buttons on the Wii Remote U.

  • The combat system excited . Weapons, armor and key items are easily accessible, each weapon has its animations and everything seems to be very careful. In addition, we will have a combat system very polished horse and moments that are “for” time to target or better finish to our enemies.

  • They have shown several “Shrines of Trials” small dungeons where to find important orbs and, once completed, will serve as a quick trip. All look great with a futuristic touch, anime and medieval in perspective. The best: Nintendo has said that there are over 100

  • In these minimazmorras have seen the use of a huge magnet that will help us solve. puzzles. You can also use out of them, for example, draw chests bottom of a lake or move large metal boxes that cut our way.

  • Any fighter can be tackled from different forms:. to whack clean or watching every move behind cover and using bombs, arrows or magnet

  • I was not surprised that the new the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is compatible with the successful Nintendo figurines. Yes that has surprised its use, more worked than in the remaster of The Legend of Zelda:. The Twilight Princess

  • You can see here all presentations about the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


The keys to the new The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
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