The latest from Xiaomi is a toilet with a heater that is controlled with the mobile

In Spain we know Xiaomi as a mobile brand. Little more. Perhaps their scooters. But Xiaomi is a technological giant. This chinese company does everything… literally. In that country, manufactures and sells from drones to home appliances, through towels, slippers, smart, shirts, backpacks and even a ukulele with free bluetooth.Within that diversity, always technology, the last thing the chinese giant is a toilet. Of course, not a toilet either, but one smart. The device, part of its ecosystem of products of Internet of Things (IoT), leads to heating and is controlled with the mobile phone.Apparently there is a toilet special. It is white, whale-shaped, structure of ceramic and weighs 45 kilos. But their materials, and their “guts” will make it different.The toilet Xiaomi is coated with a special coating that gives greater resistance to dirt and germs, and that makes it easy to clean. Your tanker is smart and works without the need to pull the string.Inside, the toilet carries a pull-out valve. It has two functions. Clean in our intimate areas, as they already do for the health of companies in the classic sector. But in addition, it includes a system of water pressure and hot air to clean and sanitize.there’s more. Posts to seek comfort at the time of making our needs, the toilet has a heating system in the cap. That is to say, that the sitting will give us warmer weather (it has up to three levels of intensity).To handle it all, the toilet has a touch panel that is placed on the wall. But, another sample of his “intelligence”, the device of Xiaomi also you can control from your mobile phone through the application Mijia, the chinese version of My Home (serving for the devices in the ecosystem IoT Xiaomi).Because it’s funny the invention, but also the fact that is has been funded thanks to crowd-funding, or crowdfunding. Of time, according to details the web page of the project’s funding, you can only buy in the chinese market, as of 5 December, 2.899 yuan, about 370 euros.
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The latest from Xiaomi is a toilet with a heater that is controlled with the mobile
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October 28, 2019

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