The LG G6 will not have a curved screen OLED

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the LG does not waste time when it comes to investigate new developments for its future smartphones that are more representative of each year. In each generation seek to include something new that, in addition to, resulting from differential compared to its rivals. We have already seen in previous generations and how it came to include displays curves in its LG G Flex and G Flex 2, which unfortunately has been discontinued.

After a pause in this meter displays curves, LG was determined to include these in its next flagship, the LG G6, and return to the road (at least in terms of the curvature of the screen) that marked the deceased family Flex. But everything seems to indicate that, finally, the terminal will come with a LCD screen flat like a table (probably of IPS type).

The main reason that was speculated to not include this curved screen is that LG Display (the charge of these screens) would be incapable of providing enough OLED screens for the LG G6. Given that until the second half of 2017 will not install new equipment for the production of screens (and thus be able to provide the sufficient), would not get to time the release of the G6.

The Korean manufacturer could manufacture enough panels OLED if it was not because is in charge of providing displays to Apple for its Watch 2, which it looks like he is having a lot of success. This fact coupled with the lack of sufficient equipment are the responsibility of the LG G6 will have to settle with a LCD display normal and mainstream.

Still there will be more modifications with respect to what was expected

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LG, in addition, was developing a technology of load magnetic resonant, which would allow the use of charging multiple wireless terminals at a distance of 2 or 3 cm of the charging station. However, the charging mode is neither would be on time, which would give time to the LG to improve this technology.

In fact, other companies have managed to get the technology of magnetic power resonant permitted to charge to devices at a distance of 7 cm. In addition, would have increased the charging power of 5W that were standardized to the 7W. This new technology we could see it in the still-distant LG G7.

One more change that could happen in the face of the LG G6 would be the material of construction, leaving of side the aluminum to give it a finish tempered glass, at least this is the finish that you are giving in your planning phase. However, this does not mean that the terminal will end up being crystal, LG might go back.

No one knows yet whether the Korean manufacturer “kill” the modular accessories in the LG G6, or continue with the philosophy that began with the LG G5. Much to the chagrin of the manufacturer, your first stop is end of the year that comes will not come loaded with as many innovations as I would like, and that is something that can harm them if they don’t begin to compete on price with their more direct rivals.

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The LG G6 will not have a curved screen OLED
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September 30, 2016