The Loch Ness monster that never existed

The Loch Ness monster that never existed

Despite wanting to believe, it seems that the Loch Ness monster simply can not exist. And why is, today, creating much excitement? The legend, despite the evidence, is very much alive.

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If we look at the less stringent, the monstruo Loch Ness swarming takes huge lake north of Scotland over 1,400 years. The first recorded evidence more reliable, however, date from 1868. But despite the many efforts (and I can assure you that Inverness has spent an incredible pasta look), has never been found conclusive evidence of its existence. Where is the sympathetic monster? If he hides so well, why some people are lucky enough to meet him? And if there is, what it would be? Already 81 years ago since the first publication of a photo of the Loch Ness monster and even Google has entered into this familiar “mystery”, more folklore than anything else.

The fearsome monster of Loch Ness

According to records, the very St. Columba saved a swimmer picto fearsome jaws of a Loch Ness monster capita (more or less), in the sixth century. Although no one has specified whether the encounter was with a kelpie (a water horse quite a temper and given to murder people), fans of the Loch Ness monster no doubt that the encounter was with Nessie. Since there are only vague references to 1868, referring to a “behemoth” in Loch Ness is made. From 1920 descriptions are closing around a huge animal, reptile-like. It was precisely in 1933 when the Loch Ness monster was renamed “monster”, thanks to the Inverness Courier, local newspaper “the northern capital” Scottish. The show was served and fever began. He even offered even 20,000 Andrew Dixon claimed to have found the monster in satellite images of Apple Maps pounds (€ 1.779.863’37 present) who would capture the monster of Loch Ness.

The creature then began to “have prehistoric-looking” because before this time looked like a huge fish or something similar. Although it was not until 1934 that the most famous photo of Nessie launched the legend to the point of no return. Since then, numerous photos obtained: from the surface, underwater and even from satellite. Nowadays, the character who holds the record of sightings is Gary Campbell, who speaks like a true expert and claims that since 2014 has not seen the Loch Ness monster, something that happened since 1925. Last year, in fact, Andrew Dixon claimed to have found by chance Nessie thanks to satellite images of maps of Apple. Currently, the legend continues stronger than ever, as a sympathetic fact of which the inhabitants of villages like Drumnadrochit, Fort Invermoriston or August are still living. Indeed, what a legend that has come to worry genuinely local authorities, has become the livelihood of the inhabitants of Loch Ness.

But is there or not there?

Indeed, I fear, is that the Loch Ness monster has never existed. At least according to the balance of evidence, since positive are … no. Let’s exercise of analysis: if the monster existed, what could be

A plesiosaur

This option is the favorite, but the least point?. First, a plesiosaur would have resisted the huge Cretaceous extinction. Assuming that were so (there is a small chance), should have endured, then the glaciation of Loch Ness. This was in solid state for hundreds of years. Cryonics is not an option, so the only option is to come from outside. Assuming that come from outside and had been inhabiting the seas, it is curious that has never been seen anywhere else similar to the population Nessie Is it only resisted this animal and your family? It is impossible to be the same for so long. Indeed, it is curious that being an animal in need out of breath not been seen more often. After raids perform, surely would have had some kind of evidence, despite the abruptness of Loch Ness.

Other Animal

It is true that the sightings could have coincided with other creatures. Indeed, until the 20s the Loch Ness monster was no such thing, much less a prehistoric creature. Some big fish and other animals could have caused confusion. Moreover, There is a very limited chance of being a sea creature (euryhaline or osmotolerant animals, although it’s saying) that slips from time to time on the lake. It has even been said that the sightings could have coincided with the visit of several circuses “elephants and other large animals.”

A pareidolia

The human being is characterized by see what to watch or things that do not exist. It always has and probably always will. It is a method of defense (in the case of fear or resilience). So a movement out of the corner of his eye, a confused picture or ambiguous history are the best candidates to give life to the Loch Ness monster. The process of pareidolia is what allows us to see things in clouds forms and other information materials. That coupled with ambiguity and suggestion are very potent cocktail. This seems the most valid option.

You mean, this that there is nothing in Loch Ness? Well, say that nothing is venturing too. The truth is that Loch Ness has at its deepest point about 226 meters. Although very narrow, its extent and depth make it the most massive lake water across the UK. In addition, funds filled with silt and currents make it a very difficult lake to explore. It is simply very difficult to reach every part. This has helped to perpetuate the legend. However, most of the visual material recorded at Nessie has been dismissed as false, so far. And no, it is simply not conclusive. Sad to say, but the existence of the Loch Ness monster opposes all logic, reasoning or hypothesis. And yet, Nessie has received prominence in all kinds of stories, series, movies, books, video games and novels. His fame it the world’s most famous monster; more even than the Yeti. And that, for an animal that does not exist, is much to say


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