The low-cost smartphone sales will double every year through 2016

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According to a company DisplaySearch, the smartphones with price below $ 150 (less than 120 ? ) will double its sales of annually until 2016, from a ship 4.5 million units in 2010 to about 311 million six years later.

These forecasts also confirm that most of the demand, as expected will focus outside Europe and North America, giving great importance to developing countries of Asia mostly, but also South America and Africa.

Increased demand in Asia

According Shawn Lee , director of research at NDP Display Search:

Most smartphone owners worldwide can not afford to spend more than $ 200 (160? change) to buy a phone and pay for voice and data plans, so this type of product is ideal for operators.

As well we said, most of the demand comes from the Asia Pacific contact, where they also are located a large number of factories and suppliers of components needed to manufacture such phones.

Low-cost Android by country

Also, as seen in the accompanying chart entry, demand will grow in the coming years also in developing countries in Africa and South-American due to a single factor: the price .

The rise of “private label”

Vovliendo to Asia, the proximity of where the demand grows and factories helps cut costs (no international shipping) and save time, which helps shorten the life cycles of such phones and prints a much higher evolutionary rate.

To keep prices low, according to the study, it is essential that the components are cheap and easy to find, so they often use components that are already well established in the market, instead of doing “experiments” yes, Always Android , the most popular operating system for this type of terminal being Open Source.

Low-cost Android Penetration

As shown in the graph above, the rate of penetration of low cost terminals with Android is growing at an impressive rate, but could, according to the chart above forecasts , to represent almost 30% of smartphones sold worldwide, at around 300 million units .

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The low-cost smartphone sales will double every year through 2016
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October 29, 2012

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